On speaking us back into wholeness

This is one of the things my Team has shown me that I'm doing / asked me to do...

Talk about the 'woo.'
Normalize it.
Bring what has been relegated into the Shadow,
into the Light of Awareness and understanding.

I said this the other day on an interview:

When we don't post / share / speak fully in our Truth,
when we hold back our experiences of the Invisible Realms,
of our intuition, the Magic we experience ---

(or of anything, really)

--- we are implying and UPHOLDING that it's not safe to do so.

Of course, it actually WASN'T safe to do so for a very long time.

We were "crazy" instead of in tune with the subtler realms.
We were "witches" instead of healers.
And we were treated with vitriol, Shame, persecution, death.

But this isn't the broadest Truth anymore.
Not in most parts of the world.

And so, yes, this is one of the things my Team has asked me to do:

To help SPEAK us back into Wholeness.
To use this tool called the Throat Chakra to create the Reality that SUPPORTS our Wholeness, in all facets of our lives, in all Realms.

It's kind of part of the "deal," if you will --- I was given this, and I'm asked to talk about it.


That's not to say it's easy for me.

In fact, I feel pressure in my Throat Chakra as I'm talking about this just here...

I have friends who cock eyebrows and think I'm nuts,
others who probably think I'm too weird to hang out with now.

But for every one of those, I have other friends who think,
"Maybe that's possible for me, too...

...maybe that's something I can access, too."

And yes.

Yes it is.

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