On that edge you're feeling...


I had some upper-limiting stuff come up yesterday...

I got off the phone with a woman I'm in new partnership with — and in this conversation I finally received the name for this new project we'll be launching soon...

...I FELT it.

It dropped in, and I not only felt it vibrate in my body,
but I actually giggled after I said it.

{Isn't that how we always Know?
When it feels that expansive?}

And then about an hour later:

The 'dumps.'

My Ego got into battle with my Soul,

and started talking all sorts of shit to me about 'good enoughness,' about 'not readys,' judging me for where I am, wondering about how capable I am.

And I got suddenly VERRRRRRY tired.

Like, exhausted tired.

I was going to spend the rest of my afternoon recording audio for my programs, free Transmissions, trainings and guided practices — but my energy wasn't in the right place
(and that's INCREDIBLY important when I'm in Transmission mode),

so I did some email graphics creation instead.
(Y'know... kinda mindless... doesn't require my energy.)

But I really felt those 'dumps' for most of the evening.

And it wasn't until this morning --- after a good, LONG night of sleep, plus a little extra Love from my assistant, Jeni (because who doesn't need a little wind in their sails), that I realized:


The process for this 'Big New Thing I'm Doing'
just clicked into its next step —

— and then good ol' Ego starts throwing a fit.

"But you should stay HERE,
where it's QUIETER,

where you can stay niiiiiice and "comfortable" in your discomfort,
where you can stay niiiiiiiice and small...
...isn't small cozy?

You don't have to worry about being good enough if you stay here..."

Oh, I see you, Ego.

And here's what I've got to say to YOU:

You are going to fucking LOVE it over there.
You should come with.
You don't have to — but I'M going.
Feel free to join me."


You've got this, ladies.

That Edge you're feeling is there EXACTLY for you to Choose Through.

Your nature is EXPANSION.

Never forget that.
✨ 🙏🏼 ✨