On the Core of Feminine Leadership

For me, the CORE of Feminine Leadership can be boiled down to one thing:


It doesn't include catalyzing through Scarcity.
Through Fear.

Through Shame.
Through Blame.

Through Making Wrong.
Through creating more Separation.

True Feminine Leadership catalyzes through Invitation.

Through being a Stand for what's Possible.

Through being a Stand for what would feel BETTER.

Through being a Stand for what we're meant for,
what we're born for,

for Wholeness,
for Love,
for Acceptance,

for Honoring,
for Evolution,
for Connection.

Through her Sacred Rage, she Stands for DEEPER TOGETHERNESS.

Through her vast capacity to Expand, she Stands for holding space for ALL and for WHOLENESS.

Through her limitless access to Love, she Stands for MORE LOVE where it's missing.

This doesn't mean she's not allowed to say No.
It doesn't mean she isn't claiming her space,
what she is and is not available for.
It doesn't mean she "has to sit there and just take what doesn't feel good."

On the contrary --- she's a Stand for what feels BETTER,
for those she serves AND for herself.

For me, the difference is in HOW she is that Stand.

Kali's fierce sword doesn't cut us apart,
it cuts us back together.

And, as I've received it, that is the shape that Feminine Leadership embodies.


I share this as much as an invitation to myself as I do to anyone else who feels its resonance.

I am learning, too, how to stand as a true Feminine Leader.

What do you deeply Desire to see in this world?

Start doing it.
Start sharing it.
And start speaking about your WHY behind it.

Invite us there with you.


#GoldenGoddess #Goddesspreneur #GoddessArmy


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Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She helps you Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so you can Quantum Leap into what youโ€™re meant for: Mythic Love, Deep Magic and your true Destiny.

You are meant for MORE โ€” more Love, Pleasure and Beauty; more Abundance, more Soul alignment and Ease โ€”โ€” it's NOT supposed to be this hard. It's supposed to be Magical.

Through Archetypal Activation, you'll leave the Wounded Masculine paradigm of fear, pain and struggle that was never built to support you.
Remember who you are, what you're capable of, and Reclaim the part of you that was built specifically for your success, your Soul's Purpose, your Love and your joy.