On the Ego and the Mystic Way

Ego fights HARD against Mystic way of being, sometimes.

I've shuffled and re-shuffled the curriculum for Golden Goddess;
I've thought I had it sorted, then received more downloads and had to re-organize;

I've had the clouds part and was in awe as I received how the content connects perfectly with what I received as our Threefold Path:

- our Incarnation Path
- our Embodiment Path
- our Co-Creative Path

...and then, a week later, felt that --- while I love the alignment at an esoteric level --- it was missing something at the 'earthly' level, and I wanted to re-shuffle again for a more organic evolution.

Twice today, I asked my Team and the 'crystal friends' who surrounded me on my meditation mat --- where I was working on a huge course layout sheet ---

"I need your help with this..."
"I need your help with this...."

And then my brow would furrow again as I tried to "organize" my way to Magic.

The thing is --- I know how this goes:

I know that, partway through this journey, some of the content or the Modules will change.

I know this because "plans" are funny little things that we humans think we get to make ---

--- while the Truth is that we never have Control, and there is so much more orchestrated for us than we can ever see while we're trying to make them.

So I shifted my request:

"Can you please help me create a plan for this now --- even if it changes later?"

And suddenly, the pieces fell into place, and the narrative of the journey feels like a story, like a coherent adventure into the Mystery.

And so, I have a plan.

For now. ;)

And I'm open --- as always --- to how my Team wants to Weave in what I can't possibly fathom from this place...

...because the Universe ALWAYS paints with a bigger palette than I have in front of me.



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