Ready to Remember?


Sometimes when my clients come to me, they're expecting the "ass whooping"
(to borrow a client's words) they've gotten from other coaches...

...coaches who want to cram you into their particular way of doing things,

coaches who want to push you along the path they see for you,

coaches who tell you you should be doing more,

and (even unintentionally) Shame you for not trying harder.

That's not how this works.

That's not how Magic works.

That's not how Alchemy works.

That's not how healing works.

That's not how our Human Technology works.

That's not how our Ascension works.

and That's definitely not how Quantum Leaping works.


Because when we're STILL ONLY CHOOSING to take steps because we're afraid of disappointing someone else,

because we're afraid of failing,

afraid of offending,

afraid of being the 'bad student',

afraid of not being 'perfect'

--- then we're still creating with WOUND Energy.

Do you see?

It HAS to come from you.

It HAS to come from within.

It HAS to feel Expansive.

And this is exactly, exactly, exactly what the Divine Feminine part of your Blueprint is for.

Ready to Remember?