Recover Out Loud

Lately I've been witnessing (very proudly) the powerful and vulnerable and SUPERREAL sharing from a few of my fellow coaches who are putting their drug and alcohol abuse on blast in service of healing ---

--- posting with #RecoverOutLoud so that others can see they're not alone, see that healing and recovering is possible, see that there's never just one way.

They're potent stories of near-death, rock-bottom, blackouts, embarrassment, destroyed relationships... it's incredibly raw and powerful to read.

And I just felt called to comment on one of these posts with my own story, not because it includes anything like the above ---

--- but precisely because it DOESN'T:

While I've never had the constitution to be a 'real partier' (lightweight / extremely sensitive) ---

--- I HAVE adopted a drinking habit to fit in with a boyfriend, with a group of friends, or because I thought I wasn't fun or funny or cool enough without it.

I'm still, at least somewhat, trying to get out from under that mindset (even though I literally can't do more than 2 glasses of wine now... ever):

feeling like I can't actually go out and hang out with friends if I'm not drinking;

feeling like I have nothing to offer if I'm not drinking or "fun enough" like everyone else;

feeling like I'm the boring one

(I can hear my Cosmic Team laughing at this.... right? anything but boring over here lol);

even feeling like I don't want to go out at all if I'm not drinking, because that 👆🏼 part of me is still so loud that I don't trust my willpower to not cave into having 'just one.'

I felt called to share this because "having a problem" doesn't have to look even close to rock bottom...

That "problem" is woven into the very fabric of our culture and our society these days,

where we get stranger looks and more concern ("are you okay?" "are you pregnant?"
"why aren't you drinking?") for NOT drinking than we do when we're staggering, blind drunk.

It can be hard to Choose You enough, to Love You enough, to decide that you're harming yourself, your body, your energy, your Possibility --- and to say,

"No thanks, I'm good."

It can be hard to know how to find community that DOESN'T hinge on the party,
on drinking, on the cycle of binge-hangover-repeat.

I'm getting better at transmuting that voice,

but "belonging" is SUCH a loud driver, and there is SUCH a culture of social drinking ---

--- it's been a big part of my work even though I've never been close
to "having a real problem" the way most would describe it.

It's incredible to me how much our "not enough" voice, and our other Wound patterning, thinks that it's healed by drugs/alcohol...

...or literally anything else that exists outside of US.


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