Does your business feel too hard? It might be needing this…

There's something coming through louuuuuuud and strong this week:

Sacred Stewardship

It was a deep part of the She Wolf content this week,
and just came up again in a 1:1 coaching call I had this afternoon.

Entrepreneurs are being asked to
step. into. their TRUE roles here.

You didn't come here, to this life, to this lifetime, to be a coach.
Nor a massage therapist. Nor a yoga instructor. Nor a CEO of a big company. Nor a teacher. Nor a hair stylist.

Nor any traditional "role" you can think of when it comes to "what you're supposed to be when you grow up."

These are cover stories
for why your Soul actually came here.

These are channels through which your Soul can do Her REAL work. They're nothing but the HOW.

It's not that they're not important, these jobs — they are. When we have the right "job," we get to bring through our REAL work, we get to finally step into our REAL role:

Sacred Stewards.

For something much bigger, much more important, much more world changing.

And when you tap into what you're a Sacred Steward FOR?
And start to make your decisions and Choices based on what is most in alignment with that Stewardship?
Your "job" begins to WORK FOR YOU.
Instead of the other way around.


Goddesspreneur is getting juuuuuuuiiicier and more potent this year — because your Souls are done messing around with anything
that isn’t actually supporting the HEALING of this world. And that includes your business.

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