Shame is not part of your paradigm, Goddess.

Ladies, I want to be very, very clear about something:

It is never, ever your fault if someone sexually or otherwise assaults you. 
Disrespects you. 
Abandons you. 
Hurts you. 

It's never ever --- not even in any of the examples we can come up with in our minds, reaching far into the depths of our conditioning to see how far back that Shame is waiting for us --- never ever your fault. 

I've seen several women second-guessing themselves around the men who have come into (and subsequently out of) their lives,

wondering if it's something "they've done or didn't do";

if they were somehow too much or not enough;

if the way they are living their lives, or exploring their sensuality
and sexuality might be "wrong."

And it hurts my heart. 

The worst I've seen this week is a woman who shared her deeply moving and terrifying story of a man she thought she could trust with her heart and her body --- even in their closeness, even in the passion between them ---

--- who was then emotionally and physically demeaned when she said No. 

I don't care if you were a half inch away from consensual penetration and you changed your mind --- a Sacred Masculine will be able to honor your feelings, your needs, and even his biological and emotional frustration with respect. 



And this is one of the reasons this work is so important:

To return you to your grace, your power, and your ability to both
attract AND RECOGNIZE the Sacred Masculine man. 

To recognize when he is still operating from his Wounds, from his out-of-control Control, from his Fear, from his disempowerment. 

To recognize when he's not capable of holding space for you. 

To recognize when he's simply not for you. 

To hear your inner Knowing when something's not quite right.

To use your Voice to express that without causing even more Karma or trauma.

What I want for you --- what the Divine Feminine holds for you in Her archetype, in YOUR archetype --- 

--- is the Remembrance that it is your absolute RIGHT to remain open, to shine your light, to express your sensual being, no matter what; 

the Remembrance that Shame and self-censoring and justification have no place in the wholeness of a Woman;

the Remembrance that you are worthy
of having everything you desire;

and the Remembrance that you have a right to it.


PS - Remember:
It is your absolute BIRTHRIGHT to stay wide open, to shine your light, to follow the feelings of what's calling you --- without explanation, without rationalization,
without SHAME.

Heather AllisonComment