Primal Drive Reprogramming

Image From Pinterest

Image From Pinterest

I'm teaching my Golden Goddess ladies one of my new energy-healing modalities tomorrow. 
It’s called (at least for now) Primal Drive Reprogramming — and it helps you reprogram the core, underlying, and usually UNCONSCIOUS drivers that keep you in patterns that you’re trying to break out of.
Think bad habits, food addictions, unhealthy choices.

I have shared this modality — that I was taught by my Cosmic Team — with exactly ZERO PEOPLE.
I haven't even taught my boyfriend this one yet.
It's just been mine to practice, and it has been AMAZING.

I swear, every time I do it,
I have a massive uptick in my business somehow.

{ note to self: do this more often }

I’m actually feeling a little naked as I add this to our curriculum for tomorrow
— it takes a LOT of Trust to share something I received “out of thin air” from my Guides — but I’m also SOOOOOO EXCITED.

One of my coaches recently reflected to me this recently:
"There aren't any healing modalities that have come through a Feminine vessel yet.
All the ones that are currently taught have been received through men. Reiki, Kundalini...
I feel like you're going to teach this whole system of modalities someday..."

I think she may be right. *gulp*

But for right now, just my Golden Goddess ladies get it.

And that feels reeeeeeeallllyyyy BIG already. 😳