Shit is getting Quantum!

This week is Money Week --- Manifestation Week --- in Golden Goddess,

and shit is getting QUANTUM.

I teach a little bit of this in Goddesspreneur, too,

but the most Quantumy Energies of Money I share in Golden Goddess.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my notes tonight,

and I'm EXCITED about this one!!!

It's one of our oldest and deepest Wound Patterns,

one of the relationships we have the most FUNK with ---

--- and it's one of the most profound things I've gotten to shift for myself.

Not that I'm DONE with it --- ohhhh, no, this relationship is a work in progress,

but it feels so much better, so much more in Flow, so much easier than it ever has, ever in my life.

And I get to say that as an entrepreneur --- one who just started on this ride 3 years ago. ;)

I got to teach a little bit of it on one of my calls today, and it was SO FUN to hear the giggles as the new Energy around Money anchored in for her.

What's your relationship like with Money?

What has made the biggest difference for you in creating the relationship you WANT to have with it?

☺️ 👇