Something I've only taught in Golden Goddess so far is dropping into Cosmic Shaman this year.

I have a really loud "toddler" inside me. lol

Whenever I'm meditating and talking with my Cosmic Team, or when I'm in liminal space, that space between Dream state and waking, or when I'm getting information while I'm writing or on coaching calls, my little inner "toddler" is CONNNNNSTANTLY asking,


“But, why?"
"But how does that work?"
"But what does that mean?"


They humor me much of the time, but this morning when I was being particularly "Why-y," wanting to understand how the puzzle pieces I'm being shown fit together, wanting to understand which piece goes with which other piece, wanting to understand why these particular Guides showed up in a group of Four together,

and I got told by my Soul
to knock it off and just Receive.

“But I want to know more.”

“You always want to know more.”


This is the kind of stuff we're going to do in Cosmic Shaman this year.

You're going to get the mini-course, Connect Me: Activate Your Intuitive Channel so you can start working with your dreams,
so you can understanding what's Fear, what's Ego, what's actually Intuition,
so you can connect with your Soul, so you can Activate your Shamanic Journeying abilities...

...that'll help you create a foundation for what we're about to dive deeper into, which includes:

Meet your team of Guides and helpers, what I call my "Cosmic Team,"

Meet your Guardians

Get insights into your Soul lineage

Get my exact Morning Practice routine to bring the Mystery and deep guidance into every single day

Create Energetic Hygiene tools and a Sovereignty Practice so you can enter into your Intuitive life with confidence, without fear

Go deeper with your Soul so you're actually BRINGING HER THROUGH into your life, into this world, into everything you do ---

this is something i have only
taught in golden goddess so far.

And even at that, I only scratched the surface there.
I'm giving you a deep Soul practice, something that wasn't taught to me — but rather brought to me by my Soul.

Feel like you might be a Mystic?
Want to hone your Intuition and expand your connection with the Universal energies?

Message me. 😘
I'm about to open the doors for this journey,
and you can grab the Early Bird goods.


PS — to Activate the ancient, forgotten Energy and Archetype within you,
and finally have access to ALL you're meant for — grab your FREE intro course here

Heather Allison is an Energy Repatterning + Destiny Activation Coach for women.
Diving into ANY of her courses will allow you to shift out the Wounded energetics and patterns that are keeping you stuck — and help you step into deep Love and Sensuality, Soulful Success and Abundance, your Intuitive and Mystical abilities, the Joy and Freedom you were actually BUILT FOR.
Your ability to Manifest your Destiny lies in the Feminine Power within you. It's time to wake Her up.

Nothing else out there is like this work --- and nothing else creates the whole-life,
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— Jaime M.

"Do whatever you have to do to experience this work.
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