Sun on. Shame off.

*Yoni-centric post ahead --- and suuuuuper edgy and unusual share for me*

Today, in the waning end of my cycle of bleeding, I was guided to finally "consummate" with my yoni egg.

(Some sources say using the yoni egg during menstruation is fine; others say skip it. This is simply what I was guided to do.)

You may have seen me mention that I finally got permission from my Team to buy one (I had been told No until recently).

You'd better believe I bought one the same day I heard Yes. 😉

And so, we're united, me and my yoni egg.

And I was then guided to head to the park to soak up some sunshine.

And an interesting calling struck me as I lay on my blanket --- I can only imagine being driven by this new jade beauty inside me:

To allow the Sun to shine right on my yoni; to bring the Masculine Soular energy into this process with my new inner-Union.

Now, I don't mean I got naked.
I just mean I let my legs fall apart and positioned myself so that the descending Sun shone right into the space between.

But I'm aware that the pose is "unseemly" for a woman; that it's judged as exhibitionist or crude or unladylike.
Knees closed, we're told.

And I have some pretty damn short shorts on.
And you can see a sliver of my underwear when I'm "opened" in this way.

It's not a very busy place but there are the occasional passerby --- and when there were, I initially caught myself closing up as they'd pass.

But then I thought,

There's nothing shameful about my body;
there's nothing shameful about my skin or my undergarments.
Who says they shouldn't be seen?
Who decreed that, and when?

And so I Chose Through my shyness, my modesty, my conditioned body shame --- and I returned to the beauty that is the Sun touching me sensually between the thighs.

Did you know that there are healing practices in the Tao that ask you to bare your naked genitals and upward-turned anus to "drink in" the Sun?

There are.

And so, I won't be shaming and shying away from allowing myself to receive that Sunsual and healing medicine in my own way, in clothing no less ---

--- just because its pose or its sliver of purple lace is deemed "unsavory" by this backwards world that also has an issue with mothers baring their breasts for their babies in public.

Not this goddess.

Sun on. Shame off.

#takingbackexpectations #oneEgoDeathatatime #NoShameinHergame



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