The magic starts with the dance

What I'm receiving really strongly lately is that the Divine Masculine is actually doing a SHIT TON of work to aid in the Divine Feminine rising.

As always, the inspiration and the Choice begins with Her

--- because She is the Channel, She is the Receiving vessel of Emotion, Intuition, Divine Knowing ---

and then He rises up to help make it happen, take action in service of what She’s bringing through, what She’s calling in, what She’s ready for.

In other words, She says it's time to Rise, creates the Alchemical space for him to join her ---

--- and He is springing into action, bringing through the Divine Knowledge to support how She wants to feel.

It always starts with the Feminine.

But the Magic starts --- and the Quantum Leaping happens
--- when they begin Dancing together.

We're not doing this alone.

The Universe is just waiting for us to say we're READY and to become willing to Receive.

And when we do --- it starts filling us with EXACTLY what we need in order to move exactly where we Desire to go.





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Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She often says she was plucked out of a 'normal life' by what she calls her Cosmic Team to help women Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so they can find the Love, Soul, Pleasure and Purpose they're meant for.

A coach, teacher, photographer, writer and the founder of Goddess Army, Goddesspreneur, Cosmic Shaman and the latest, the Golden Goddess journey, she works with entrepreneurs, healers, light workers and all soulful women who know they're meant for MORE — more Love, more Magic, more Beauty, more Flow… In journeying through her latest experience, Golden Goddess, her clients leave the shackles of the Wounded Masculine paradigm of Fear and Struggle behind, gain access to the ancient, forgotten Archetype of Goddess buried within them --- and Quantum Leap into their most Mythic Love and Destiny. Based in Seattle, she works with goddesses worldwide.