The most powerful medicine...


I'm surprised it took me this long to realize this...

The Shamanic Journeys are by far the most potent and powerful Medicine in the work that I do.

The Transmissions are deeply Alchemizing,

the teachings are Paradigm-shifting,

the embodiment practices are paramount in creating deep, lasting shift and expansion and upleveling ---

--- AND STILL, the Shamanic Journeys are the most fucking powerful things in this work.


Because they begin to unearth parts of ourselves we didn't even know we were allowed to look for,

they Activate abilities we didn't know we could ask for,

they create uplevels we didn't know were Possible,

they unlock gifts we didn't know were available to us,

and they provide answers we could never see coming in our waking life, no matter how powerful our coach, no matter how good we are at journal prompts, no matter how much we navel-gaze.

They're also the most fun. {#bonus}

My clients tell me they're their favorite part about this work.

But the best part is:

what feels like a spa day for your Soul

+ the most intriguing parts of Wonderland, Avalon and Hogwarts put together ---

--- begins to bring about the most incredible and MAGIC transformation in the weeks to follow the journey.

I can't tell you how many times my
clients (and I) have experienced something
in Shamanic Journey ---

--- only to have it begin to show itself to us in our waking life, and begin to make Manifest what seemed like just a fantasy.

I'm still blown away by this work in my own life --- daily --- and I gush about it to my own mentor on the regular,

because she's the only one who will tolerate me constantly blowing up her inbox with messages like these... 🤣

"OMG!!! It's literally starting to happen now... LOOK!!!!"

There are 14 spots (actually, may be changing to 12 by next week) still available in Golden Goddess 2019 ---

--- currently the only place I do this specific kind of work.

If you're curious, should we chat?

No obligation whatsoever --- you can just feel into whether it feels like You or not... ☺️

Message me, and we'll find some time to connect...