The number one reason...

The NUMBER ONE reason why you will get results from hiring ANY COACH, ever, period, ever, I don't care who they are:

Your willingness to consistently show up and Receive.

In your mess,
in your Fear,
in your uncertainty,
in your falling-apart,

in your feelings of unworthiness,
in your resistance,
--- even in your, "Boring, I already know this..."

The most, MOST transformational part about hiring a coach is this:

The Alchemical Container.

And what creates that Alchemical Container is your Commitment.

The fact that you're Choosing to believe something bigger,
something better, something MORE than where you are right now by simply saying,

"Okay... Alright... I'm listening.
I'm Choosing to listen to that voice that I'm having a hard time believing, that tells me that what I Desire is meant for me, that tells me it's all possible...

...I'm in. And everything about me is invested."

The Universe listens to that shit.
And it stands up and walks over to you to see what it is you're designing.

Nothing --- no tricks, no templates, no step-by-step ---

NOTHING is more powerful than you simply deciding to CHOOSE. YOU.

#GoddessArmy #Goddesspreneur #CosmicShaman



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Heather Allison is a Goddess Coach, Divine Feminine Channel and an accidental Cosmic Shaman. She was plucked out of a 'almost life' by what she calls her Cosmic Team to help women Awaken the Goddess Within and find the Love, Soul, Pleasure and Purpose they're meant for.

As a Feminine energy coach, love coach, life coach, soul coach, teacher, photographer, author and the founder of Goddess Army --- the women's journey of Awakening and Remembering our Divine Feminine magic --- she works with coaches, healers, light workers and all soulful women who know they're meant for MORE. Her passion is helping women awaken and embody their Inner Goddess archetype, and shift out of the paradigm of suffering and struggle, to find their Mythic Love and Life. Based in Seattle, she works with goddess worldwide.