The ONLY reason I’ve had the kind of success I’ve had…

I always have a hard time answering the, "How did you do all this?" question...


Women wanting to know how I created and grew this business so quickly, with literally zero knowing of how to do that;

how I knew what my Soul Purpose was,
how I knew that this was the work I was being called to do;

how I had such a huge Spiritual Awakening and Intuitive cracking open,
how I catapult in that arena more and more, and quickly ---

receiving a new modality of healing,
receiving new teachings for Golden Goddess and She Wolf,
and not being freaked the eff out by it all.

I'm kind of the worst at putting that into words and telling stories about it because...

...I kind of just said Yes.


I said Yes when I had no idea why I was being called to throw $5grand on a coach training program, when I didn't even know coaching was an industry, and I had no plans to leave my 9-5,

and I had literally NEVER spent that much money on anything else in my entire life to that point.

I said Yes when I got laid off from my job the DAY BEFORE that training started --- and instead of freaking out about money and getting another job right away, I said,
"Okay --- I guess this is what we're doing now..."

...and my business was born.

I said Yes when the man I now call my Cosmic Teacher (a Soul on the 'other side') came to me in an ancient temple in a dream, and offered to be my Teacher.

I said Yes when, a month later, he started OMGAREYOUKIDDINGME talking to me in my waking life, and I was like, there's no WAY that's possible, HOLY CRAP IS THAT A GHOST --- but I said Yes to listening to what he had to say, and he's completely changed my entire life, my work, and even my ability to 'hear' my Intuition more strongly.

I said Yes when my Soul guided me to apply for my very first public speaking gig... at a spiritual conference... in front of 500+ people.
{I also wanted to throw up.}

I said Yes when my Cosmic Team told me I wasn't to offer the live version of Goddess Army anymore,
even though that meant I WOULDN'T have any income from that coming in that fall,
and to instead create a new course: Golden Goddess., that it would be totally different,
and that I'd receive it as They wanted to drip it to me. *unamused face*

I could keep going, but you get the idea.

The ONLY reason I have had
the kind of success I've had,

the ONLY reason I've been able to look Fear in the face and say, "Okay, that's cool, let's go,"
the ONLY reason I've been able to transmute those Fears anyway, so they're not even scary anymore,

the ONLY reason I've been so. damn. clear in my Knowing of what my Soul Purpose is,
and how to follow it, how to carry it out, how to birth it into existence,

the ONLY reason I knew that that guy I thought might be a great next boyfriend
was ACTUALLY another Narcissist in super-charming disguise, and I got out just in the nick of time... because I started saying Yes to the small, quiet voices of my inner and outer Invisible Realms;

in other words:

because I started listening to,

cultivating a relationship with,creating a dialogue with,
and TRUSTING my Intuition,my Soul,
my Team of Guides, and my Body Wisdom.

Everything changes when you say Yes to the things that you can't see, have never been taught to hear, and have definitely been taught to distrust ---
but which are FAR MORE POWERFUL in your ability to live your Highest Destiny than anything you could ever begin to "prove."

Cosmic Shaman is giving you SO MANY of my practices this year, to give you this same "leg up" on "Normal Life."
I'm sharing things in here I don't even cover in Golden Goddess.

If you're wondering why you can't 'hear the right way forward' for your best life, your best Love, your greatest Soulful Success...

...let's unlock the Invisible Realms for you.

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Heather Allison is an Energy Repatterning + Destiny Activation Coach for women.
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