The Ultimate way to heal your Love life.

There is a LOTTTTTT of this in the air this week:

The healing of the RELATIONSHIP between the Feminine and the Masculine.

▽ △

Healing the Wounded Patterns in our Masculine Energy partners is going to take us being a FIERCE and FULL embodiment of our Sacred Feminine.

If we want our Masculine Energy partner to come toward us --- we have to be aware of how we've tended to PULL him/her and release that tendency.

If we want our Masculine Energy partner to step up in the relationship for us --- we have to give him room to do so,

and we have to create the space AND the energetics so that he WANTS to.

If we want to heal the Wounded Feminine AND the Wounded Masculine in him/her —
— we have to let him/her know that it's SAFE to be here with us...

...and we have to check the tendency we have to create Narrowness and Requirement and Judgment in our relationships.

This is something I'm working through, in yet another layer, in my own relationship.

It's insidious.
It's DEEP.

And it's absolutely possible to shift.

In your relationship that feels like it's doomed to fail.
In your love life that feels like it's a non-starter.
In your dating life that feels like it's a never-ending battle.

▽ △

And because it's such a deep Wound,
and because it's SO DEEPLY asking to be healed right now — I'm created a special offer JUST for this week for those of you who want to blast this shit out of the water, once and for all,

who want to heal
your Love lives.

I've never offered this before, EVER.

It’s going to include:

Goddess Army online course
Tempt Me mini course
PLUS a private call with me

—— for LESS than you could get just Goddess Army on its own today. 😉

Let me know below if you'd like the link... 👇🏼 ▽ △


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Heather Allison is a Goddess Coach, Divine Feminine Channel and an accidental Cosmic Shaman. She was plucked out of a 'almost life' by what she calls her Cosmic Team to help women Awaken the Goddess Within and find the Love, Soul, Pleasure and Purpose they're meant for.

As a Feminine energy coach, love coach, life coach, soul coach, teacher, photographer, author and the founder of Goddess Army --- the women's journey of Awakening and Remembering our Divine Feminine magic --- she works with coaches, healers, light workers and all soulful women who know they're meant for MORE. Her passion is helping women awaken and embody their Inner Goddess archetype, and shift out of the paradigm of suffering and struggle, to find their Mythic Love and Life. Based in Seattle, she works with goddess worldwide.