Coming out of the closet and my BIG WHY

The world is dying under the centuries-old paradigm of Masculine energy. We are headed for extinction --- unless we can awaken the Feminine energy within us, and right the balance.

I shared this video earlier this week in my private Facebook group, Goddess Rising Tribe, and it feels important to share here, too.

I hadn't initially planned on sharing it more broadly. 

I still haven't found my footing on video,
and it feels really vulnerable to be out from behind the keyboard. 

Plus, I out myself even more as an intuitive (who has a "Cosmic Team" no less)....

But I got a major intuitive download this morning --- well, really, I got a talking-to (and you remember what happened last time my Soul yelled at me... ;) )

It said to stop censoring the information that wants to come through; that wants to be shared. 

And I know this message is TOO important to keep all to myself. 

Even if it's delivered in a bit of a rough video.

I've agreed to be a vessel to help this planet heal, to help us all --- starting with us women (ladies first ;) ) --- to HEAL,

and that means I need to allow myself to share what I'm receiving.

Even when it's uncomfortable.

Because truly, I just want this to shift. 

It's time.
It's centuries PAST time.

Heather AllisonComment