This is the real deal...


"This is the real deal... a Goddess ACTIVATOR.....

I wouldn't recommend something I didn't believe in with every atom of my being.

Hiring a "coach" (which doesn't even scratch the surface of what Heather does) was something I was so resistant to.

I didn't have the money in the bank to afford it, nor a secure source of income.

But something in me told me it was the right next step,

and words can't even come close to detailing how Heather and her work has helped propel me.

If it feels weird to invest in something like this, hear me out.

We spend thousands on gym memberships, organic food, nice clothing, make-up, traditional educational experiences, all with intent of improving as a person and being our best selves.

The money I paid was worth the value I received, and SO SO much more.

I am blossoming into my best self directly from what I learned in Golden Goddess.

To illustrate it briefly, before Golden Goddess, I was numbing in every possible way:


extreme fitness,

inconsistent dieting,

shopping/thoughtless spending,

seeking egoboosting attention from men,

excessive drinking.

I wasn't loving myself.

I had no idea what I was looking for in life (or how I wanted to contribute to the world), but I knew I was looking.

Post-Golden Goddess feels like love, pleasure, joy.

Sure, life is sometimes still not perfect, but I feel differently about it.

I'm working on starting up two businesses that allow me to engage in my love of art and writing.

I'm writing a book, or a few.

My romantic relationship is off-the-charts incredible right now.

I never wanted kids before. My wounds from childhood and lack of self-love wouldn't make space for it... and we are thinking about family planning for a few years from now --WHAT?!

I could go on...

And that's why I'm sharing this. If you are a woman and feeling like your life is a struggle in anyway,

my call to action for you is explore the idea the Golden Goddess journey and see how it feels.

...We need you all with us.


These are the words of a wonderful woman named Ava who was in Golden Goddess 2 years ago.

The journey and the content has gotten even more beautiful, even more potent, even more Activating,

even more Magical since then ---

--- it continues to every single year we dive in.

There are 4 women who have already signed up to change their worlds in 2019 --- and 16 seats still remaining.

We start diving into early-bird bonuses next month...

Is 2019 your year to finally break the chains?

Is it time for it to feel easier?

Do you have a knowing somewhere within you that you were BUILT for more than just getting by, for 'almost', for settling?

Comment below or message me and we'll feel into the idea together --- no obligation whatsoever.

You'll know if this is the right journey for you ---

--- I'm just here to hold the gates open for you to Choose what's possible for you if it is.