This is the "work" (and it's not work.)

There are times I wish I could say I was really amazing at seeing the "big picture."

I see the MASSIVE picture — the Cosmic picture, the Archetypal level picture, the Quantum picture,

and I see the patterns that are asking to be shifted here and now,
I see the Possibility and the Magic available here and now,
I see the opening and the deepest alignment here and now.

✨ 🌿 ✨

But that space in between — between the MASSIVE COSMIC and in-the-moment-here-and-now...

...not so much.

I'm fine with that, though, because I know that's where we get STUCK in our focus and in our lives — thinking (incorrectly) that we have ANY Control over what's out there in the in-between.

I'll put it this way — when you navigate in nature, you don't plot your path through the trees a mile ahead of you.

First, because you can't actually see them from here.

And second, because you have no idea what's actually in between — there might be a cliff or a bear or a raging river between here and there, for all you know.


You look to the stars and to the sun for your bearings — and then you look to the path below your feet, and the few steps in front of you.
And repeat.

That space — that in-between — that's the Universe's territory.
That's the space you don't (and won't) have any control over from here.

Your focus needs to be on the Cosmic:

your Soul, your intuition, your Purpose, what you're meant for, your Alignment, your TRUST —


— and then it needs to be on your feet:

where you are, how you're Being, what's right here and now, what's the very next step or two, and on aligning those continually with the Cosmic.

✨ 🌿

This is actually exactly how I work with my clients, too.

I'm so deeply in the moment with my clients, holding their Now alongside their Cosmic Truth — and not focused on the things they have no control over, the things they don't even know yet, the things that aren't READY for them to know yet.

So it's fucking incredible, and such a GIFT, when I get (literally) 30 minutes of videos with testimonial from one of my previous Golden Goddess clients —

— telling me how she's exactly there, too, having found her Natural Navigation system through our work together

— and how much she's "fucking loving" it:

"I'm just not afraid of the journey anymore, I'm not afraid of the process.

I'm fucking loving every second of it — it's amazing.

And I can Trust that there are no mistakes — knowing that I can learn through every single experience I have, that nothing is wasted;

that I can Trust myself to Choose, to risk,
and even "make mistakes" because I know how to listen to how I feel and can Choose better..."

The best part was seeing the massive smile of pure peace and Knowing and Pleasure that was on her face the entire time.

THIS is the "work" (it's not "work").

THIS is the Magic.

THIS is exactly the kind of infinite Power and present Pleasure we're meant to have.

I fucking love it, too.

✨ 💛 ✨



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Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She helps women Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so they can Quantum Leap into what they’re meant for: Mythic Love, Deep Magic and their true Destiny.

Working with entrepreneurs, healers, light workers and all soulful women who know they're meant for MORE — more Love, Pleasure and Beauty; more Abundance, more Soul alignment and Ease — and who know, in their bones, this life is not supposed to be so hard. It's supposed to be Magical.

Through Archetypal Activation, she helps you leave the Wounded Masculine paradigm of fear, pain and struggle — and Reclaim the part of you that was built specifically for your success, your Soul's Purpose, your Love and your joy.