We need your BIGGEST You.


You've been living in a world carved by history.

Dictating your beliefs,

your understanding of your "limitations,"

your Permissions around what you can create,

your meaning of "normal" and "Possible."

Telling you how your feelings should feel,

how your dreams should "make sense,"

how high you can soar,

how bright you can shine.

The history that chose to value one Archetype over the other, and buried, forgot, vilified HER.

And look at the state of it all.

How's that suppression of who we really are working out for everyone?

How is you staying smaller,

staying quiet,

staying inside the lines,

staying where the paths have been tread ---

--- how is that working out for this world?

Shitty, that's how.

It's not working.

It's not working for this world,

and it's certainly not working for the Love you came to experience,

for the Soul Purpose you came here to fulfill,

for the Magic you came here to make,

for the embodied bliss you came here to feel.

Stop it.

It's not serving you --- and it's not serving any of us.

The evolution of ALL of us

depends WHOLEHEARTEDLY on the revolution of Her.

We're not changing history.

We're writing herstory.

So if you think you're doing anyone a favor by NOT Choosing you,

by not deciding to jump,

by taking the quieter path,

by belonging instead of making a wave,

by not declaring, once and for all, that you deserve to have SO much more ---

--- have a good look around you,

at this world our children are about to step into,

at what we're doing to each other,


We need your biggest You,

your truest You,

your happiest and most fulfilled You,


Not the one someone decided you could be.