We're missing the point...


It’s not actually AT ALL about who you believe.

For me, it's less about being 'judge' ourselves in this — since it wasn't a trial in the first place, of either party involved.

It was more about witnessing how a woman (multiple, actually; and Collectively, for that matter) are treated, doubted and dismissed when she says she has been assaulted.

When someone says, "I'm in pain," why do we instantly look to see who we can Shame and Blame for it, how we can rationalize it, who we can cast our rage at, who we can cast the role of Villain at —

— and why do we instantly start becoming skeptical and scrutinizing, of one "side" or the other?

Disregarding what is said for, "But can you prove it?"

It's almost impossible to have "proof" of sexual assault, especially when rape was ultimately thwarted (and it IS sexual assault) — and even still, this is beside the point for me.

I personally haven’t been looking for right / wrong, innocent / guilty —

— I’ve been looking for signs that this administration, as well as this man who will have a life-long staff of power,

is capable of hearing, honoring and considering women, but also simply those who cry out that they're in pain.

There was none. There has been none.

For me, all of this is a stark representation of all of the ways we are not being heard, honored, considered, in so many aspects of our political system, society and country.

{The mirroring here, too, of the disregard of the BIPOC community, is profound and can't be overlooked.}

We're missing the point if we're holding out for "proof" of something, looking for who is “right or wrong” —

— what we're really crying out for is to be heard, honored, considered.

And that, regardless of who is voted into where, is not happening.