Where are you shutting down?

Where do you find yourself shutting down when it comes to your business?

Is it when you're not being heard? Not being received by your audience? When it seems nobody is responding?

Is it when you're trying to create a specific outcome, 
reach a certain goal, and it seems it's not happening the way you want it to?

Is it when you give and give, and then feel like you're not receiving what you should be in return --- whether that's money, clients or appreciation?

Or are you shutting down before you even put yourself out there?

Afraid of judgment and what others might think,
or not wanting to offend / annoy / or turn people off?

Worried you don't have enough to give, 
not sure if you're 'ready,' 

or not sure if you know what it is you're meant to be offering, 
what your Purpose or gift is?

When is it for you?

When do you say, "Fuck it..."?
When do you say, "I give up."?
When do you say, "Ugh... I can't..."

What I know for sure is this:

Wherever that Shut Down place is --- it's exactly there where your Soul is asking you to claim your OWN Truth,

not give your Power away to what's outside of you,
what's expected,
what's conditioned,
what's limiting,
what's "acceptable."

Not listening to you? 
Get even CLEARER on your deepest Truth, and start embodying it even more.

Not happening how you want?
Get even more ferocious in your Knowing of what's Possible for you, what's MEANT for you.

Not getting from others?
Get even more anchored into why you're giving in the first place; REMEMBER what you're here for.

Afraid of what others might say, think or feel about you?
Double-down on the belief that living your Soul's Truth is actually in SERVICE of every single person who sees you doing it --- even the ones who don't like it.

Not sure you're ready or you're enough?


Your Soul was put here literally for a Purpose --- and taking ANY steps toward embodying it, fulfilling it, and living it will begin to open doors that will Quantum Leap you forward in ways you can't even imagine.



Wanna Open Through every single one of these limitations and blocks that are shutting you down?

Come change your life and change your business in Goddesspreneur...

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Heather Allison is a Feminine Energy and Quantum Leap Coach. She helps you Awaken the forgotten, ancient Archetypes within so you can Quantum Leap into what you’re meant for: Mythic Love, Deep Magic and your true Destiny.

You are meant for MORE — more Love, Pleasure and Beauty; more Abundance, more Soul alignment and Ease —— it's NOT supposed to be this hard. It's supposed to be Magical.

Through Archetypal Activation, you'll leave the Wounded Masculine paradigm of fear, pain and struggle that was never built to support you.
Remember who you are, what you're capable of, and Reclaim the part of you that was built specifically for your success, your Soul's Purpose, your Love and your joy.