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Image From Pinterest

Just leaving my doctor’s office — my first appointment since starting work with my nutritionist — and not only have I just gotten a glowing review of all the things, I’m also down another pound, AND what I had thought was my initial 8 pounds was actually an initial TEN POUNDS.

When I was feeling awful and lethargic and the weight seemed to just keep piling on, I would tell them I didn’t want to know how much I weighed in my appointments. I peeked once, and saw my weight — but she told me today that wasn’t my highest, and that she actually had me at my highest with 2 more pounds.

It’s been exactly 3 months — I started this new way of life the second week of April — and I’m down 11 pounds, have my energy almost fully back, have way less brain fog, don’t feel dead when I wake up in the morning, and LOOK like I’m alive.

I was literally begging to feel vital again just 4 months ago.

I’m so fucking grateful, I can’t even express how much. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I imagine this
is how my clients feel

when they finally get to feel good again
in literally ALL THE OTHER WAYS...

...shit, maybe I’ll get my nutritionist to come in and work with all my Golden Goddess clients and get us an ENTIRE LIFE UPGRADE — because, they already Uplevel every other part of their lives in this course!

Can you imagine??!

Love life feeling connected, sensual and deeper than ever ✔️

Business in total flow and Ease, clients craving more, and Money no longer such a struggle ✔️

Emotional suffering turned into Power, understanding and wisdom ✔️

Intuition on fleek and suddenly hearing clear guidance from Soul ✔️

Falling in love with yourself, when you never thought that was possible ✔️

▷▷▷ If we ADDED energy, sleep and weight finally feeling VITAL? ✔️✔️✔️


I may actually ask her to do a guest teaching spot... that sounds RAD.

Stay tuned!