Why Archetypal work is so important.

Everything in life is a relationship, right?

This is why this Archetypal work is so fucking important:

—— because it brings the Sovereignty and the Sacredness back to EVERY single one of our relationships.

Our relationship with Money.

Our relationship with our Businesses.

Our relationship with Success.

Our relationship with Possibility.

Our relationship with our Power.

Our relationship with our Beauty.

Our relationship with our bodies.

Our relationship with our Soul.

Our relationship with relationships.

Our relationship with our Lovers, our partners, our sensuality.

Our relationship with our intuition,

with Magic,

with the Universe and its Limitlessness.

Our relationship with the Void,

with pain,

with suffering,

with Scarcity,

with self-blame, doubt, Anger, regret, sadness.

▽ △

When the Archetypes within us
are doing their Sacred Dance,

instead of the Wounded one,

which are the only dance steps we've ever been taught,

the only ones we ever thought there were ——


▽ △

If you've ever wondered why or how it is I guide courses on so many different facets of our lives:

Ones that focus on Love, AND Business, AND Soul and Intuition, AND Joy and Pleasure and Ease ——

—— this is why.

When you build a new foundation of Archetypal energy,

everything you place on top of it changes, too.

It's an actual Paradigm shift WITHIN that creates shift in everything else around you...

...and everything begins to Flow and expand and deepen more smoothly in ALL areas.

11 spots still open in Golden Goddess 2019.

This is the earliest I've ever had this many women in this course —— we're over halfway full —— and I know it's because the Work and the Activations are getting even more potent...

...just wait til you see the message I received from a client the other day. 😭 😭 😭 🙏🏼

We're about to have our first Early Bird drop-in call soon

(I spoil the pants off of my Early goddesses)

—— if you want to feel into whether this journey is the right one for you, no obligation whatsoever,

message me and we'll connect.

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