Are you afraid of feelings? {hint: you are; we all are}

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A client of mine in Golden Goddess brought up a great question:

It was about our tendency to walk away, hide, push people away, avoid conversations because we're afraid we'll get too worked up, too emotional, and that feels uncomfortable... we just keep ourselves hidden, 
keep ourselves from having those conversations, 
keep ourselves at a distance, 
or keep people at arm's length —

— even walking away completely because it feels 'easier' to AVOID than it feels to get more Intimate.

And yes. Yes it is.
Or at least we can feel that way, because that's what our Ego and our Wounded Masculine conditioning has taught us.

It feels easier to shut doors, shut windows, keep ourselves closing off more and more — than to feel Open and risk FEELING.

That's what we're afraid of.

That's literally ALL we're afraid of.

Because we've been taught to shut down part of our Emotional Field, and now it's foreign to us, Unknown, and we're out of practice.

The cure?
The antidote for this?
(no joke, because when you're not afraid of your Emotional Field, you're really not afraid of anything)

Letting yourself get more comfortable with Feeling.

Letting yourself Be With feelings that are uncomfortable, and thereby telling your nervous system that it's Okay. (That's all it needs.)

Here's a trick...

Have you ever stopped to realize what's happening in your body when you are in reactive emotions? When you're freaking out, panicking, anxious, in a rage, "over emotional"?

Your Soular Plexus is clenched. All of your energy (and your breath) is squeezed up into your upper Chakras. You're held TIGHT.

👇🏼 Try this next time:

Release your belly. Every single muscle. Imagine that you're breathing from your Sacral Chakra.

Your body, your nervous system, your emotions and your energy are all ALWAYS talking to one another.
And when you tell one of them it's safe to release, to open, to soften — the others are listening.

The coolest part? 
When we let ourselves Remember that it's SAFE to feel — we don't HAVE so many reactive, overly-intense feelings.

If I released an Emotional Mastery mini-course, would that be helpful for you?

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