Yesterday’s energy — did you feel it??

Image from Pinterest.

Image from Pinterest.

Yesterday's energy was really interesting.
I meant to post about it yesterday, but the day got away from me...

The energy was distinctly PINK and GREEN.

Like the whole world was covered with watermelon tourmaline. ☺️

I may not have told you how this happens for me…

…now and then (and more often lately, it seems), while I'm in meditation, or just after tapping in, or often while I'm on coaching calls, I will see a 'wash' of color in my vision, either behind closed eyes, or over everything I see around me with opened eyes --- or both.

And it's always SO fascinating to me how much everyone else tends to notice it, feel it, WEAR it, or have it show up for them somehow, as well.

Pink and Green carry with them powerful Heart energy — and, as it's coming through for me right now,
specifically Heart HEALING energy. I experience Pink with Archangel Chamuel — who is all about Love. I experience Green with Archangel Raphael — who is all about Healing.

I also associate Pink and Green with the heart chakra.

Green also speaks of nature, nurture, replenishment, grace, birth. And Pink — as is coming to me now — is also the color that a deeply connected and harmonized Root Chakra and Crown Chakra might create.

The Alpha and the Omega.

Also interesting — this color Frequency and energy showed up as the energy of Mary Magdalene showed up in vision and message ...and she appeared not just for me, but for both of my clients on calls yesterday. And what does Mary Magdalene bring through?

The healing of the Divine Union

Deeply embodied Sacred Feminine, able to bring through and Be With the potency of the Sacred Masculine.
Heart Healing. Right?

Were any of these themes showing up for you yesterday? Did you wear or see these colors around you?
Did you feel some aspect of your Heart or the Sacred Union beginning to heal more fully?
Even if you were simply feeling ASKED to begin healing some aspect of your Heart?
Did you simply feel more connected to your Heart?

I'd love to hear... 🙏🏼 💚 💗