One of the biggest tools in my coaching toolbox is my body. I’ll tell you why…


One of the biggest tools in my coaching toolbox creates massive amounts of Trust,
huge Alchemical and energetic shifts in my clients, and provides more information to both me AND my client about the hidden, underlying patterns and emotions underneath their blocks.

Guess what it is?

My body.

During many of my sessions (not all), I'll start sensations in my body in various places, which tell me more about what's going on in my clients' energetics, emotions and Wound Patterns, and helps us both diagnose what blocks may be, speak to what might want to be shifted, what needs to be released, or even what actions might want to be taken to heal them.

I also often feel it when something drops in for my client, and starts creating Alchemical shifts in their nervous systems, their Energy Fields, their ability to move through a block.

I now always tell my clients what I'm feeling, and --- if they're tuned in with how to listen to their bodies --- am ALWAYS met with,

"Omg, I was literally just feeling the same thing."

Sometimes down to the detail:
One client in a group call, after I shared what I had felt moving from my Soular Plexus up to my Throat, and then felt it moving out through my mouth --- said, "Everything you were saying, as you were describing it, had JUST happened to me."

This does a number of things:

1. When I'm feeling what they're feeling, and they hadn't even mentioned it? They now have even more trust in the process, in the Alchemy, in this work --- and maybe even in me.

But more important than Trusting ME is their Trust in the work and the process --- because that means their brains are now coming online, and getting more on board with what's actually Possible for them.

And that makes EVERYTHING easier to shift.

(Battling our brains can be fucking infuriating when we're trying to create massive shifts in our lives...
...what's the worst habit or belief you've had that you tried everything to break? Yeah. That.)

2. It gives us insights and information from our Soma --- our body's language --- things it could take YEARS of counseling or coaching to get underneath, and your body is telling you in 5 seconds.
Which, again, means finding ways to create shifts becomes easier.

3. They begin to work more with their bodies, listen to their bodies --- and in conjunction with everything else we do together:
the energetic work

the Archetypal Repatterning
the Shamanic Journeying
the mindset and language shifts
the Emotional mastery
the "microadjustment" actions that create huge ripple effects

...old Patterns are shifted out or healed,
new Patterns are embodied more easily, more quickly,
and their new Reality takes shape faster.

You can come experience this for yourself in my courses (only the ones I guide personally) --- but, Coaches, you can also turn on this (or your own version of this) Intuitive ability to guide, support, heal and Activate your own clients even more powerfully. You just gotta turn it on.

Come find your superpowers.

I didn't know I had any, either, until 3 years ago. And more keep coming online.
(Did you see my post about the sign language yesterday??!!!! 🤯 🤯 🤯 )

Cosmic Shaman
gates are open NOW.

For the woman who knows there's SO much more to this world, but maybe doesn't know how exactly to access it;
and who wants the to create HER best Reality --- with the help of the Universe.

Several payment plans available.

Come Play. ☺️ ✨


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Heather Allison is an Energy Repatterning + Destiny Activation Coach for women.
Diving into ANY of her courses will allow you to shift out the Wounded energetics and patterns that are keeping you stuck — and help you step into deep Love and Sensuality, Soulful Success and Abundance, your Intuitive and Mystical abilities, the Joy and Freedom you were actually BUILT FOR.
Your ability to Manifest your Destiny lies in the Feminine Power within you. It's time to wake Her up.

Nothing else out there is like this work --- and nothing else creates the whole-life,
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