You're meant to be in process...

That shit-talking you do to yourself, the way you beat yourself up ---

the reason it feels so terrible is because your Soul knows it's not true.

That's the feeling of non-alignment.

Anything you tell yourself about how awful you are,

what an idiot,

how poorly you're doing,

how much you've failed,

how many mistakes you've made ---

--- your Soul knows it's not true.

Do you fear that means you'll just be a self-aggrandizing, arrogant, narcissistic asshole who just pardons yourself for everything, and always tells yourself a better version of your story?

Check this out:

The only reason we would need to become narcissists and arrogant assholes in the first place is if we, somewhere along the line, BELIEVED the shit-talking voices.

If we believed we were terrible.

If we Remembered, the whole time, that we're perfectly-imperfect Humans,

that we are supposed to make mistakes,

that we are always in process,

and never supposed to have it "all figured out,"

never supposed to have "arrived,"

never supposed to be "better" than anyone else ---

--- if we always, ALWAYS remembered that we are Love,

that we are Lovable,

and that we are simply on a crazy path called Human Life,

we'd never need to make ourselves feel better for our "mistakes" or our "shortcomings" by rejecting ourselves further or trying to become "better than" someone else.

We'd never need to avoid looking at the funk,

because we'd Love it as much as the fantastic.

Your Soul knows you're meant to "mess up."

She knows you're meant to not have it all figured out.

She knows you're supposed to be in process.

She knows you're on your way.



This doesn't mean we don't ever cause each other pain...

And it doesn't mean that it's okay, and that we're off the hook when we do ---

--- it means we're imperfect Humans,

trying to figure out how to do this Life thing,

often causing a lot of damage in the process,

and that we are meant to LEARN how not to cause each other pain next time.

The PRIMARY things we're supposed to be doing here?

▽ Listening deeply (to our Souls and to each other).

▽ Having Compassion (for ourselves and for others).

▽ And trying to do better each day we have (by our Souls, by our selves, and by each other).