Remember this ancient part of you that KNOWS,
this part of you that knows how to dance with the Universe, with Love, with your own power,
this part of you that feels exquisitely, that revels in your sensuality,
this part of you that feels deeply supported, wholly aligned and in rapturous trust of your path,
the part that feels light, abundant and capable of creating your joy.


Remember your connectedness.
Remember your compassion.
Remember the beauty of your body, your depth, your inner wisdom.
Remember that you ARE LOVE ----

Because Love, the Feminine, and our Earth --- the animals and our ocean, our natural resources, and even Creation itself --- are all deeply, intrinsically related.

One CANNOT exist without the others.

And it is your Rising back up into the Feminine energy, into your Goddess energy,
reclaiming this relationship with wonder, with nature, with joy, with yourself,
that will begin to rebalance the "push, achieve, build, conquer, judge, separate, control" energy
of the wounded Masculine that's been running -- and damaging -- this planet since the middle ages.

It is that --- and it is YOU --- Awakening this part of yourself, Awakening this part in all of us,
that is going to heal this planet, heal our relationships, and return us fully to Love.

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and to energetically Remember your Feminine power... 


Seat of the Feminine

Goddess, your home is here.

You've been away — we all have for a time. But it hasn't always been this way.

Once, we resided here in the depths of our bodies; in our bellies, our sacral bowl, our womb;
in the center of knowing, creativity, emotion and pleasure.

Once we were revered as mother, lover, wise woman, maiden and muse.

Once we sang collective truths from our wombs,
and the world wove its connected web in inspired dance.

Once we listened from here, Loved from here, spoke from here, birthed from here, connected from here, understood from here, felt joy and created abundance from here.

Once, when we were here, we were whole.

We can be here again.

We can be whole again.


I’ve been where you are.

Believing there had to be more than this.
Believing I was MEANT for more than this.

Feeling, deep inside in some kind of knowing within my cells,
that I wasn’t just meant to keep having failed relationship after
failed relationship; heartbreak after heartbreak.

That I was here for LOVE.

That I wasn't meant to just 'survive,' 
trudging through toxic corporate job after soulless corporate job;
sacrificing my joy, my passion, my purpose for a paycheck.

That my heart and Soul weren't meant to live in the backseat -- 
they were meant to lead me, open and throbbing and nakedly into joy.

I had a deep longing to feel like I belonged,
especially to something bigger than me.

To feel like I made sense, like I knew exactly why I was here — and that it wasn’t “weird,” or something to hide from, but something that was actually needed.

I thought that there was simply something I wasn’t quite understanding; something I didn’t quite ‘get’ yet, that would make all the difference.
That would allow me to finally see through the fog of suffering, of struggle, of fear, and see my way to Love and joy.

I didn't know what it was that I was missing, that I had lost, 
but I knew --- I KNEW --- I was meant for so much MORE.

And I was right. There is so much MORE.

I've found the Key to the Mystery --- and it has changed everything...


The first key

The symbol you see in my logo is a totem, sacred geometry that holds the energy of the Goddess Key --- it embodies the core of what we will explore together.

It is the first Key to awakening the grace and power of our ancient, archetypal Goddess into our modern lives, relationships, bodies, Souls, and desires. It holds the blueprint to accessing the “MORE” you know is out there for you.
The Love, the joy, the magic, ease and abundance.

These elements of Love in this totem (her 3 cornerstones or corners, and her centering line) represent how we Awaken our Goddessness, and how She'll allow us to create our best lives, loves, selves and alignment:

Top-left cornerstone:
Be In Love
You'll fall in love with your life, with everything that is, with the Universe, and even with the Unknown.
You'll attract what is meant for you; what is aligned with you and your Purpose.
And you'll powerfully co-create with the Universe to bring in the life you desire.

Bottom cornerstone:
Be Love
You'll fall deeply in love with yourself. You'll show up in Love, AS Love, from Love;
and you'll consistently choose Love over Fear.
You will simply BECOME a Channel for Pleasure, and a Channel for Love.

Top-right cornerstone:
Be Loved
You'll fall in love with your relationships, your love life, your sensuality.
You'll learn the subtle nuances of the balance of energy within our relationships,
so you can attract the Love you desire, and heal the relationships you're in.
You'll feel seen and heard; and you'll feel the balance and harmony of true partnership.

Centering line:
Be Of Love
You'll fall in love and in-line with your Soul, your Higher Self, your intuition, and your Mythic lineage. You'll feel connected to your path, and deeply supported by the Cosmic tapestry of the Universe.

I invite you to meditate on this symbol to activate its energy in your body, mind and field.
Let your gaze rest in the centering line of the Totem and let your eyes soften. There's no need for anything to 'happen' or to work for a specific feeling or sensation --- simply let the vibration of this geometry act as the first invocation into your Goddess awakening.


You aren't meant to settle for "normal," for "almost happy,"
for "getting by," for "just okay".... 

You're different.
You are a member of a lineage of women who are Awakening --- all over the planet --- to the truth, to the Remembrance that you embody the Divine Feminine archetype.

That you are a Goddess.

And so, no, you aren't meant for "normal." 

You're meant for the Mythic.

For Mythic Love. For a Mythic life. 
For Mythic Pleasure, Soul, Purpose and Abundance.

You can feel that, can't you? That this is what you were BUILT for...? 

I felt that way for 37 years of my life, and had no idea how to believe it --- let alone embody it, exude it, co-create with it, and live it...

I just knew that I was here for Love. For something more beautiful, more meaningful.

But it had kept eluding me. For 37 years.

And now that I've found it, I've spent every moment I can sharing it with every woman I can.

Because this is the Key --- the Key to Love, the Key to the Mystery, the Key to our Soul alignment, the Key to our Divine Channel, the Key to our deepest joy... and our most profound healing.

You already know there's something More within you; something More you're meant for...

All you need is the Key.

There's a journey to fit your lifestyle, budget and preferences...