GODDESS ARMY: The online course

The Goddess Army online journey is a digital-only version of the Remembrance and rebirthing of yourself as the Goddess you are meant to be --- all on your own schedule.

I truly whole heartedly am the happiest I’ve ever been.
I can’t thank you enough.
— Krista V.

This is for women who want to experience the total transformation into Mythic Love and Mythic life through this Archetypal Activation experience with total freedom.

In this journey, you'll receive content delivered to your inbox, and you have the freedom to immerse yourself in them entirely on your own terms, when you feel called, and as much as you feel called.

With audio modules, deep content and transmissions, guided visualizations and visceral exercises, and journaling prompts to deepen into ---

--- this is the original, richly transformative Goddess Army journey, and gives you the Key to unlocking your most Mythic Love and life... the one that's waiting for you to Remember it.


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Goddess Army experience here.

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With 3 Activations built into this 9- or 18-month journey, you'll:

Activate Your Remembrance

  • Peel away the Masculine energy construct that is keeping you struggling, in fear, and feeling lost, alone or empty --- and stuck in cycles of scarcity and heartbreak;
  • Release the pain, anger, regret and resentment keeping you anchored in the past, and tethered to the old Paradigm;
  • Remember who you truly are, what you're capable of --- and how to access it;

Activate Your Magnetism

  • Awaken your own Inner Goddess to connect to your Power, your grace, and your innate access to ALL forms of Love;
  • Connect more deeply with one of your superpowers --- the energy of your Emotions --- to align with what you want to call in and create;
  • Finally feel GOOD, feel Pleasure, feel Ease --- feel the kind of lightness and Love you're designed to feel, and start attracting the More you're meant for... and never have to doubt again for a second that you're meant for it;

Activate Your Magic

  • Deepen into your body's wisdom, your inner Truth, and access your intuition to know exactly what's in alignment for YOU, and learn how to trust it;
  • Gain potent insights from the Invisible Realms --- both within you and in the Universe around you --- to step into your most aligned and ease-filled path;
  • Step into your centered, aligned Channel that allows you to create and attract what you Desire in your life, your Love and your business with ease and pleasure.

Your journey includes:

  • A new Goddess Army audio Module delivered to your inbox once or twice a month, depending on the journey you choose.
  • Audio exercises, visualizations, meditations and practices to help you embody what you're learning.
  • Journal prompts to help you deepen into the experience and the new Goddess paradigm.
  • Access to the Goddess Army: Together We Rise private Facebook group, for community with other women who are in the same journey, and where I often share the latest insights and downloads.
  • Lifetime access to the Goddess Army VIP rate for private, 1:1 coaching with me (subject to availability).
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This is the real deal. I believe in this work with every atom of my being.
Words can’t even come close to detailing how Heather and her work has helped propel me.
Before Goddess Army, I was numbing and overworking in every possible way. I wasn’t loving myself. I had no idea what I was looking for in life. Post-Goddess Army simply feels like love, pleasure, joy.
I am blossoming into my best self directly from what I learned in Goddess Army.
— Ava Marie

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You have completely given me the most amazing life by showing me how it feels to be living in the feminine!!!
Because of you, I am in the happiest relationship of my life, and I am literally walking through a door to a new life, one of ease, flow and total spirit.
— Darlene S.
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If you’re even a tiny bit interested, join!
This course will rock your world and guide you back to your Knowing in the most beautiful way!
— Julia Wells | Conscious Compass
I feel happy and honestly FREE for the first time in 4 years.
It feels so good to just be free of the cage I’ve been locked up in for far too long. I’m feeling the struggle with every muscle in my body being released.
— Abby A.
Abby 14906842_10200111336523270_3769034187255665674_n.jpg
I was struggling. In my life. In my business. In my relationship.
Things weren’t wrong, but they didn’t feel right.
Four months into Goddess Army, and my relationship and business has completely turned around.
I have learned to lean back and allow my boyfriend to show up for me in his Masculine Energy. And I’ve learned to lean back in my business, allowing more possibility (and clients) to come into my practice.

Things finally feel light + fun again. The energy has completely shifted. My boyfriend and I are falling in love all over again. And I no longer feel like I’m fighting with my business —- I don’t have to go find clients; they’ve been making their way to me; my coaching practice is just about full and it’s been with ease and completely aligned.

I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on. But I can tell you that there’s been such a deep, personal transformation that has shifted every area of my life.
— Shannon Whaley | Traveling Wild Woman