Align to Your Quantum Leap


Align to Your Quantum Leap

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Align with Your Quantum Leap.

Every year, I start seeing people talk about their Word of the Year --- deciding on things like "empowered" or "desire" or "balance" or "joy."

Beautiful words, absolutely.
But they're also devoid of the real Energy, the real Charge, that these Words of the Year need to have in order to be catalyzing, magnetizing and Alchemizing. 

And that's because we're 'deciding on them,' thinking that we know what the energy of our highest, Universal alignment is going to be next year ---

--- instead of allowing ourselves to RECEIVE them based upon what our Souls, the Universe, our highest path is calling us into.

All we're doing is choosing our Words based on the energy we're already IN, or the energy that's around us --- instead of the energy of our next level, our expansion, our breakthrough...

When we're Creating from this space we're already in --- we're going to be Creating in circles, finding ourselves in the same cycles, over and over and over again...

The other thing I see a lot is that kind of, "GAWD, I'm SO READY for this year to be over! To see this year in the rear-view mirror already... Get it over with --- bring on 2018!"

I get it.

This year has been... well, interesting, to say the least.
Intense would be a better way to describe it.

But do you know what that means, when we're stepping into our new year in that way?

We're carrying into our New Year the energy of REJECTION.
And that primes us to bring in more of those very things we're trying to put behind us.

So, to move you out of that spin-cycle of stuckness, I created this Quantum Leap prep kit ---- the Align with Your Quantum Leap holiday bundle

--- to help you get yourself in the energy that's going to be the MOST helpful, and the most aligned with creating the life, the love, the success and the Magic you're hoping 2018 will bring.

I packed so much stuff into this bundle --- all for $88 --- so that it'd be a no brainer for you to start your year off:

  • THREE power-alignment workbooks --- with deep, potent prompts for your powerful emotional and energetic realignment:
    - End of Year: Energy Reset
    - End of Year: Emptying Out, and
    - Get Ready for MORE;
  • A Shamanic Journey to alchemically release those things that are no longer serving you;
  • My own practice --- that I personally guide you through in a recorded meditation --- to RECEIVE your Word of the Year instead of arbitrarily Choosing one... thereby more powerfully aligning you to your Soul and the energy the Universe wants to bring you!

I just took my Enter the Oasis: Retreat attendees through the Word of the Year journey --- and there were some reeeeeeeally potent and powerful Words that came through.

I just did it, myself, and my jaw was on the floor with what I received --- new layers of meaning and guidance coming through just with this surprising word I received!

Can't WAIT to hear what you experience --- I'd love for you to email me to let me know what you receive!


PS - Your Quantum Leap depends on YOU.
Your energy, your mindset, your Openness to Receive...
This Bundle is the fastest way to begin to align with that potent energy.
You can grab this until 1/11!