Goddess Alignment: 7-week Morning Practice Series

Goddess Alignment: 7-week Morning Practice Series

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"The unshakable serenity of the depths is used as a foundation so that we can tolerate the electrifying vastness of the universe."

At the core of any foundational transformation, is the act of putting oneself FIRST.

For 7 weeks, try putting yourself first with an anchoring practice to center you into the expansiveness of your Feminine grace, Power and Magic, and watch what begins to shift around you...

In this weekly course, you'll get to experience some of my own Morning Practice --- a daily ritual that has changed my life in more ways than I could possibly list here. 

If you do nothing else, this practice is a game-changer.

This 7-week Goddess Morning Practice program will be delivered to your inbox weekly for 7 weeks, beginning promptly after your registration... 

Enjoy, beauty.