Scarcity Repair — for Goddesspreneurs (intro bundle)

Scarcity Repair — for Goddesspreneurs (intro bundle)

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Scarcity Repair

Your intro bundle includes:

  • A Transmission:
    Tap into the Feminine Paradigm of Business, what it means, and how it is the key to your Soulful Success. This is the core understanding you need in order to start shifting the energy of your business from one of struggle, pushing, overwork, comparison, Scarcity and burnout — and into the energy of Ease, Flow, Pleasure, Soul-guided Success and Abundance.

  • A Training:
    Embodying the Feminine Energy to melt away Money and Time blocks.

  • A Guided Practice:
    The Feminine Energy Mudra — for client attraction.

  • A Shamanic Journey:
    Take a Shamanic Journey to heal patterns of Scarcity that may be affecting your energy, your Success, your Abundance.