Tempt Me: Activate your Masculine Energy Lover

Tempt Me: Activate your Masculine Energy Lover

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Tempt Me:

Activate your Masculine Energy Lover

These mini-courses are a focused Activation, a dive into ONE frequently-asked-about topic.
Delivered to your email inbox over the course of 4 weeks, with audio and workbooks, to help you shift into the Feminine Paradigm in one specific area of your life, relationship or business...

This course — Tempt Me — is for both those in relationships AND those who are dating (or thinking about dating again), and covers:

  • How to turn on, Magnetize and deepen in connection with your partner, lover or date.

  • How to Activate their attraction so they keep coming to you, reaching for you, wanting to be near you (whether already in a relationship, or attracting a partner while dating) — and wanting to show up FOR you.

  • How to inspire them to take more Masculine action for you and for the relationship (whether committed or dating), instead of feeling like you’re always ‘doing everything’ (and why the Masculine Energy partners tend to pull away or stop showing up).

  • How to mesmerize and ignite your lover — even just by talking to them.

Whether you’re in a relationship, dating, or about to open up to the idea of dating —

— this mini-course helps you shift your energetics to Activate the Masculine into their most potent self, and helps you create the Magnetism to draw him (or her) to you.

What women are saying:

I'm a single lady and this knocked me DEEPLY into my own yummy goodness.
I recommend this one for EVERYONE.
Yum town.”
— Courtney

“Tempt Me solved my biggest relationship problems in the most surprising ways;
I was genuinely floored after each module.

My partner and I were arguing a lot, disconnected and at odds,
and I thought we were probably going to break up because we just couldn't get on the same page.
But after applying all the Tempt Me tools (without him even knowing!) everything shifted. I mean everything.
The arguing stopped, he started offering me more affectionate attention,
and we've been able to have hard conversations while still staying deeply connected.
My relationship is now rock solid, and I feel super sexy and deliciously empowered.
I love knowing that even if things get bumpy I have these magical practices to fall back on.
You really need to dive into this course. Thank you, Heather!”
— A.E.

“I looooved this!! I see a lot of opportunities where I can soften in my relationship, sooo good.
I’m actually feeling inspired to get back to my sensuality work!!
Really needed this, thank you!!!”
— Renae

You have completely given me the most AMAZING LIFE by showing me how it feels to be living in the Feminine!!!
Because of you, I am in the happiest relationship of my life,
and I have literally walked through a door to a new life, one of Ease, Flow and total Spirit.

— Darlene