Goddess Code: Uncover your Archetypal Brand for Love, Life + Business

Goddess Code: Uncover your Archetypal Brand for Love, Life + Business

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Discover your Goddess Code:
Archetypal Soul Branding for your most Mythic Love, Life + Business

Unlocking your Goddess Code is the Key to attracting the life, Love, miracles and magic that is meant for YOU --- not someone else --- and is your guide to finding your true, aligned path in this vast Cosmic Tapestry.

Through this rich journey --- with workbook, journal prompts, audio meditations, and guided Flow-exploration, and a special "Graduation" meditation from my friend and mentor, Elisa Romeo --- you'll uncover and unlock your unique Code, your Soul's Essence, the Goddess Archetype you are meant to embody. 

The Code your Soul came into this lifetime with, the one that, when you begin to embody it fully, helps you attract the right Love, the right clients, the right path, and live your Essence full-out.

Use it to find your Soul Brand for your business or your services;
use it to give yourself permission to be FULLY YOU, unapologetically;
use it to gain clarity around what you're meant to bring into this lifetime...

When I started living my Code a number of years ago, my photography brand finally felt cohesive,
I stopped beating myself up for things that are actually a CORE part of who I Am,
and I started calling in the things and people (and Soul path!) I was meant to have in my life...

...it still informs my brand today, and allowed me to create a business that feels GOOD for my ideal client, at every touch.

When you discover your own unique Goddess Code --- and when you give yourself permission to show up exactly as HER, you magnetize to you the people and the life who are meant for you. 

Living your Goddess Code will impact ALL parts of your life -- it'll impact your relationships, your career, your friendships, who you are attracting to you, and will start to align you with your path. 

Magnetize YOUR tribe, YOUR Love, YOUR clients and YOUR Mythic life --- the ones that are going to feel best for you.

Begin living from your Archetypal Goddess Code, and watch as the Universe rises up to meet you.

Unlock Your Goddess Code will help you:

  • Brand your business, service or craft to align with your Soul; with who you truly are.
  • Gain clarity and deep understanding of who you are, your Soul-yearnings, and the unique gifts you are here to share with the world so you can stop wasting time in careers, situations and relationships that don't feel right, and start making new choices aligned with who you are at your core.
  • Get tools and a practical framework to make decisions and choose paths that are going to support -- rather than drain -- your joy, love and ease.
  • Show up as exactly who you are so that you can stop attracting the things and people who aren't right for you, and start attracting the things that will bring you real joy.
  • Give yourself permission to BE -- deliciously -- who you truly are, instead of hiding parts of you away from the world out of fear of judgment, ridicule or rejection.
  • Shut out the 'noise' of the infinite inputs, shoulds and comparisons to what other people are doing, and have clarity around your path and your desires, so you can start making choices for YOUR best life --- not somebody else's.

I am so excited after going through Unlock Your Goddess Code because I have finally found some clarity around what I want to offer the world, what my gifts, strengths, and soul yearnings are.
They’ve been swimming around in me, but I needed that extra organization offered in Goddess Code to really help me get clear." - Tarrin


"Finally, I stopped fighting myself..."

"Uncovering my Goddess Code reminded me just how important being true to myself is; how much better about myself I feel when I stick to my "core elements." I believe seeing all of this in writing has already helped me deal with a difficult situation in my life -- I may walk away because I know now how out of sync I am with their values."