Uplevel Me: Activate Your Power to Uplevel

Uplevel Me: Activate Your Power to Uplevel

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Uplevel Me:
Activate Your Power to Uplevel

These mini-courses are a focused Activation, a dive into ONE frequently-asked-about topic.
Delivered to your email inbox over the course of 4 weeks, with audio and workbooks, to help you shift into the Feminine Paradigm in one specific area of your life, relationship or business...

This course — Uplevel Me — is for both those wanting to get unstuck from where they are, Open powerfully to their next level, and create the energetics to Receive what they’re meant for, and covers:

  • Resetting your Energy Field so that you can build the foundation for your Uplevel, and prime yourself to Receive — this is IMPORTANT when we’re wanting to Uplevel, and one of the things that can keep us stuck, unconsciously. This might be the most important part!

  • Emptying out all that doesn’t align, isn’t supporting you, isn’t allowing you to move forward — and Transmuting it powerfully, Alchemically, energetically and emotionally, so you’re ready to Uplevel.

  • Tapping into the energy of MORE — and starting to create movement in the direction of your Uplevel in any / all areas of your life.

  • And then using the power of your Throat Chakra — and the Mystery (i.e. the Quantum Realm) — to begin to Create bigger, more beautifully, and bolder than you ever have.
    This includes my totally unique “Power Word” process to give you specific energetics to anchor into for Expansion that you couldn’t even dream up for yourself.

Whether you’re feeling stuck in Love, in Business, or any aspect of your life — this mini-course helps you peel away the gunk keeping you stuck where you are, repeating cycles, and helps you create the catalyst for your next big Uplevel.