Goddess manifesto

Start here, beauty.

This is an invocation.
An energetic invitation of Remembrance of your Inner Goddess.

Explore the 13 Tenets for Loving and Living like a Goddess, and let yourself feel your Inner Goddess stretch her limbs and start to stir...

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The Goddess Key (audio)

After you immerse yourself in the Goddess Manifesto, dive in here to activate the energy of the Divine Feminine as the Key to Love (of all forms).

This audio will also invite you to explore your desires for the 4 elements of Love in your own life.

Be sure to bring a pen and paper to this exploration...

This is a clip taken from an actual Goddess Army Online Course recording... Click here if you feel called to learn more about Goddess Army.

Introduction to Feminine + Masculine energies (audio)

Now you're ready for the crash course into the realm of your Inner Goddess, and we do that by giving you the 'mind candy' --- the information that you need to start understanding the balance of the energies of Masculine and Feminine...

...and how they impact every part of our lives;
how the Wounded Masculine is responsible for all of the suffering, struggle, stuckness and Fear we feel;
and what it feels like in the Feminine and in harmony with these energies.

embodying your inner goddess (workbook)

Go a little deeper into what we explore in the Introduction to Feminine and Masculine Energies, and find clarity around the Masculine and Feminine energies for yourself, and how they're showing up in your own life...

Clarity is Key when inviting in these ancient, forgotten energies into the various parts of our lives --- this workbook helps you find just that.

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BONUS: Honey exercise (audio)

I feel called to offer you one more thing...

This is a delicious exercise and tool --- as well as a Remembrance of your Truth as sensual, sacred Goddess.

It's an exercise that I give to my clients, especially the ones who want to find or improve Love, or simply tap into their Divine Feminine essence in a sensual and visceral way.

Practice this around your partner, anyone who is holding the Masculine energy --- or just as a sensual gift for yourself --- to begin to embody your Inner Goddess, and start to ignite his Heroic Masculine. 

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