Goddess Army:
the Extended journey

Activate your Remembrance.
Activate your Magnetism.
Activate your Magic.

The signature Goddess Army: A Return to the Feminine journey is now available in an EXTENDED version for those of you who prefer an even smaller monthly investment — with the same deep access to the Mystery...

With all of the audio modules, deep content and transmissions, guided visualizations and visceral exercises, and journaling prompts to deepen into —

— this is the original, transformative Goddess Army experience, extended into a longer, more leisurely journey,
and stretched-out payment plan

the same journey that has given women everywhere
the Key to unlocking their most Mythic Love and lives...

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In this journey, you'll:

  • Peel away the Masculine energy construct that is keeping you stuck, struggling, in fear, and feeling lost, alone or empty;

  • Release the pain, anger, regret and resentment keeping you anchored in the past, and tethered to the old Paradigm;

  • Step into your centered, aligned Channel that allows you to create and attract what you Desire with ease and pleasure;

  • Awaken your own Inner Goddess to connect to your power, your grace, and your innate access to ALL forms of Love;

  • Deepen into your body's wisdom, your inner Truth, your intuition, and the power of your emotions to know exactly what's in alignment for YOU, and learn how to trust it;

  • Finally feel GOOD --- feel the kind of joy and Love you're designed to feel, and receive the More you're meant for... and never have to doubt that again for a second.

The Magic begins as soon as you join, and includes:

  • A new Goddess Army audio Module delivered to your inbox every month with rich content, transmissions and paradigm shifts.

  • Audio exercises, visualizations, meditations and practices to allow visceral embodiment of what you're learning.

  • Two emails of journaling prompts every month to deepen in and anchor in the experience;

  • An invitation to the private Facebook community, where you'll connect and get support from other women who are on the same journey;

  • Exclusive access to the Goddess Army VIP 1:1 rate for deeper support whenever you need it;

  • Read more about the Goddess Army journey here.

I’ve found the definition of Love in its truest form.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been plus more —- thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for completely changing my life.
— Krista V.
Months into Goddess Army, and my life, my relationship and business has completely turned around. Things finally feel light + fun again. The energy has completely shifted.
— Shannon Whaley