Tap into the energies
that are supporting your mythic reality


One of our deepest needs as Humans is understanding our Universe, knowing what we're here for, feeling aligned with our Divine Path --- 

--- without it, we can feel lost, lonely, empty, confused.

And with that understanding, the veil seems to lift,
our paths feel more clear,
and we feel more deeply supported by the
Beauty and Grace of the Universe.


Some reach for this understanding through an exploration of astrology, others numerology;
there are Medicine Wheels, Archetypes, Spirit Guides, Crystals, Oracle and Tarot cards;
and many more 'systems' to help us catch a glimmer of understanding of this world --- and our place in it.

But what if you could go deeper? 
What if you could hear the whispers that the Universe and its infinite layers are trying to speak to you?

What if you could gain insights into the
multi-dimensional energies at play in YOUR specific lifetime,
instead of just guess at meanings based on someone else's system?


During the Four Dimensions Retreat, you'll be guided through our proprietary tool for tapping into and Weaving YOUR personal Four-Dimensional Path.

Together, we'll Weave multiple 'Esoteric languages' to gain a profound, rich --- and totally unique-to-you --- view into who you are, what you're meant for, the Frequencies you carry, and the energies that are trying to work with and support you.

In this Four-Dimensional Path tool, we'll tap into:

Your Four Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

Your Four Directions: North (front), South (back), East (right), West (left).

Your Four primary Archetypes: Mother, Muse, Magician, Magi (wise wo/man).

Your Four primary Intuitive Styles: Shaman, Mystic, Conduit, Sage.

Then we'll help you connect with what these mean for you, how their energies show up for you, and how they support you in your greatest Soul-aligned path.

And we'll give you tools and suggestions for how you can work with them to tap into your unique Incarnation Blueprint, your Cosmic Guides, even how you express yourself in your life, your relationships and your work.

We were blown AWAY by the interweaving of these essences as they began to speak to us,
drop into a connected system, and began to show us deeper insights about ourselves ---
--- we can't wait to share it with you!


There will be many other beautiful practices, exercises, insights, Shamanic Journeys and offerings throughout the 4-night, 3.5-day experience. We'll be sharing more details as we get nearer...


Four Dimensions Retreat:
Weaving Your Four-Dimensional Path

October 11 - 15, 2018

***TWO tickets still available!***


Your Guides on this
four dimensional journey



Kelly Curtis

Intuitive Life Coach,
Angel Channel + Artist


Earth. Shaman/Sage


Tiffany Hammer

Crystal Healer +
Emotions Coach


Fire. Sage/Conduit


Heather Allison

Energy + Alchemy Coach,
Divine Feminine Channel


Water. Shaman/Mystic


Lana Doan Le

Soul Strategist +
Energy Intuitive


Air. Sage/Conduit


Here's what to expect in your
Four Dimensions Retreat experience... 

  • Gathering in a beautiful, light-filled, intimate and loving space near Sedona, AZ, with deep-Souled, beautiful-Essence, like-minded women.
  • Intimate exploration of our proprietary Four Dimensional Path process to unearth a 'map' that will support you in having your greatest Cosmic understanding, a deepening of your intuition, and a more intimate and profound relationship with the energies of the Universe --- for Co-Creating your most Mythic Path.
  • Powerful practices to work with your Four Dimensional map on a regular basis --- giving you tools to receive the richest guidance and information for your Path.
  • Body-nourishing meals, Soul-nourishing conversation and Heart-nourishing support.
  • Guidance, reflection, and intimate conversation with the creators of the Four Dimensional Path process --- Four teachers who embody the Shaman, the Mystic, the Conduit and the Sage, and the energies of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


Your Stay:

Nourishing meals and your stay are provided, allowing us all to be held in a beautiful, alchemical and expansive container for multiple days and deep immersion. We will guide you through meditations, visualizations, Shamanic Journeys, healing practices, and there will be spacious time for journaling, self-reflection, connection and play.

Unless otherwise noted, beds will be shared. You're also welcome to bring a sleeping bag and pad if that feels more aligned and comfortable for you. You will be placed in room-shares intuitively unless you specifically request to room with a friend.

In this rich experience, you'll leave with new-found Remembrance of your Mythic Path, tools and practices to support your most expansive and Magical lifetime, and a full and embraced heart.


While the plan is still crystallizing, and we'll share more details and specifics with attendees as we get closer --- this is what we're looking to co-create with you:

  • 4 nights, beginning with a casual welcome event on the night of arrival;
  • 3 full days of teaching, exploration, exercises, practices and guided experience --- with a hearty dose of spaciousness, free time, sanctuary and quiet to support integration, anchoring in, and deep relaxation;
  • Unlimited hugs, Soul epiphanies, Cosmic confirmations and rich desert Magic.



The Four Dimensions Retreat will be held in or near Sedona, Arizona.
Exact location TBC. 



the desert in Arizona
October 11 - 15, 2018


4 early-release tickets
available for special introductory period
(Save over $500)