Hello Goddess...

I want to deeply acknowledge you for taking this first step. 
For taking this step toward the love you know is meant for you, the life you FEEL calling you.
Toward your own Goddessness, that's burning inside you even now, and is calling to awaken, to ignite, to shine, to RADIATE within and from you.
I want you to feel powerful in that.

Because this is a step not all women are ready to take --- it can be scary to step out of what we know, even when what we know is keeping us stuck, struggling and suffering...
It can be hard to quiet the voices that are saying we can't, we're not good enough, or we may somehow not be meant to have this kind of love and life.

But you're here. 

You've taken this first step because this is a non-negotiable. You simply WILL NOT miss what's meant for you. 
You're not going to stay small, you're not going to settle for less than Love and beauty and abundance and JOY... even if it scares the shit out of you to take the first step toward having it.

So I'm so thrilled to be here with you, taking your hand, as you step into claiming what you are here for:
Your Love, Joy and Magic.

And I'm so proud of you for hearing, and honoring, the call of your Goddess as She stretches and prepares to awaken...

it's beautiful in here.
I can't wait for you to feel it. 

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