Deep in your cells, you are imprinted with the pattern of the Goddess Archetype.
Close your eyes... Breathe as deep into your body as you can... Can you feel it?

It's there, in that dormant knowing, where you have deep, innate access to every facet and power of LOVE:
Intimacy and romance; joy and magic; ease and abundance; your true self and truest path.

It's time for you to Remember -- it's time for your Goddess Rising.


13 Tenets for Loving and Living like a Goddess. 
An invocation for awakening your inner Goddess.


You'll also receive weekly guidance, insights and love-bumps to help you live in your Goddessness.



It's time for you to rise up out of the shackles of struggling and suffering that have been keeping you from loving to your deepest capacity, living your fullest expression, and receiving what you're meant for.

Within you, and within every woman, is a Goddess --- and each of us has the power to become a living, breathing catalyst, channel, and vessel of Love --- for ourselves, for our lives, for our deepest desires, and even for the planet.

Deep within you is a forgotten power, an ancient Archetypal knowing and ability to create everything you've ever wanted
--- beautiful Love, effervescent JOY, deep EASE and ready ABUNDANCE of your desires --- 
and your access to that power is through awakening your Feminine energy: your GODDESSNESS.


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Lovely, did you know that your greatest joy, your deepest Love, and knowing your Soul purpose is not only EXACTLY what you're meant to have, it's also EXACTLY what is needed to change the world?

You, beauty -- yes, YOU -- have the power to change the world. Don't you feel that?


You found this work for a reason --- you have been called, just like I have, to rise into your Goddessness and change everything we know about what is possible...

Beginning by claiming the love, joy and magic you are MEANT for, Remembering the abilities you have access to deep within you, and showing others that expansive LOVE is possible simply by living as its example.

You are meant to be a powerful channel for Love.

are you ready to awaken, goddess?


That's because there is. 
And it's been missing for FAR too long.

There's a forgotten Goddess power in you, just waiting to be awakened to open you to your own co-creative abilities, your own magic, your deep access to Love.
It's time to bring HER back.
And it's time to turn Her on.

You're Have a feeling you're meant for more.

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And you're right -- you're not meant for a love life that feels draining, difficult and lonely;
or for jobs that feel soul-sucking and unfulfilling; 
or a life where you feel like you're afraid to even trust yourself, your choices, your path -- where you're not even sure how to find YOU.

You're not meant for the "normal."
You're meant for the Mythic.

In every facet of your life,
your Love, 
yourself and your being, 
and your relationship with the Universe, your intuition, your higher self...


I've been there.
Feeling that itch.
That feeling that something bigger, something deeper is calling to you, calling to your Soul,

and feeling the frustration that it seems like SOMETHING is in the way; something annoying and maybe not even that big --- but you just don't know how to get it out of the way...

I knew there was something I was just not quite getting.... And I found it.
And I can help you tap into it, too.
I can show you the alchemical and archetypal magic that's ALREADY right there at your fingertips, just waiting for you to Remember.

Take the first step, and dive in here, love... 
Your deepest access to Love, Joy and Magic is there waiting for you.

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