The Membership

you asked. i (finally) listened.

I’ve always Known this work is for those women who are REALLY ready to Choose themselves — and that typically means deep energetic investment in the courses I offer.
I’ve always Known that — and I’ve always seen its power in the incredible Activation and transformation of my clients.

But I’ve also always said I want to make sure this work is accessible to as many women as I possibly can.
And I’ve always meant that, too.

Because this work is no less than
utterly life-changing.

But for some reason I had a BUNCH of resistance to offering a monthly Membership.
But when my Soul kept nudging me over and over and over and over again — I finally, FINALLY listened.

And now, of course, I’m SO excited.
It feels SO good.

Because I’m constantly in tears witnessing the shifts I get to see in my clients, hearing that they’re not sure where they’d be if it weren’t for this work —

— and now I get to share it with even MORE of you.

The women who dive into this work find deeply fulfilling, connected and sensual Love,
they find ease-filled and Soul-guided Success,
they find Magic and a connection with their Intuition they never knew was possible for them,
they find THEMSELVES.

And while there’s nothing that compares to you actually Choosing to dive in DEEP to receive the fullness of this work, and the most potent transformation, Remembrance and Magic happens there — it is PERFECT to start here. 

This is also an easy way for you to FEEL, for yourself, how just immersing yourself in the frequency of this work can begin to Activate the parts of you that are ready to Remember what you’re ACTUALLY meant for.

This monthly Membership to offer you exactly that:

Feminine Frequency.
Destiny Activation.
The Remembrance of what you’re meant for.

Join me — for a month or stay forever ;) — and Activate the MORE you’re meant for.


Your Membership includes:

  • Live monthly group call with open Q&A, reflections and spot coaching,

  • Live monthly Q&A sessions in a private Facebook group,

  • Access to an ever-deepening archive of content on topics from Love and relationships, to business, to money, to Cosmic Teams and intuition, etc. for you to explore,


  • Access to recorded calls — all calls will be recorded and uploaded into the Facebook group, in case you miss one or want to re-listen. That means you also have forever access as long as you’re a member.

  • Bonuses and surprises, as inspired, which may include:

    • Journal prompts, meditations, practices, challenges, worksheets

    • Extra spot coaching in the Facebook group

    • Drawings for give-aways of Card Readings or private support

    • Discounts, promo codes, special offers, and first dibs on products and courses

— Monthly subscription, cancel anytime —

Membership is for Women (or those identifying as Female) only.
See more details just below.

What members are saying

“This is pretty much the no-brainer of the century.”

Such a gift. Such an incredible offer. Thank you!!!"

"This is exactly
what i needed."

"Just finished listening to the replay! Such an amazing call!"

A few notes:

  • An open mind will result in your greatest success… This is a Paradigm-shift. It might not look the way other work looks, you might hear different things than you’d hear elsewhere. And this difference is its magic.

  • Cancel whenever you’d like — once you’re registered, you’ll be able to create an account through Moonclerk,
    and can update your mode of payment or turn off your Membership at any time.

  • Call times and dates will vary each month, and will be posted as Events within the private Facebook group.

  • You may be removed from the Membership at any time, for any reason, including being unkind to another Member or to Heather Allison. Compassion and Kindness are non-negotiable requirements, and nothing less will be tolerated.