Week 2: Sacral

Good morning, Goddess!

Welcome to week 2!

Grab your journal and pen again, find a comfortable place to sit, and come to a knee-seated position on your mat
(sitting on your heels with your legs folded underneath you, shins on the floor).

Turn up your volume, and let's dive into Week 2 of our Morning Practice series.

Our poses are listed and linked to below if you'd like to review them before we start --- otherwise press play on the audio below, and we'll Awaken our bodies, Souls and minds together today. :)

*Do this Practice every day this week, if possible.

  1. Wide-legged Child's Pose
  2. Cat-Cow
  3. Dragon Lunge
  4. Frog Pose
    *There are GREAT modifications for this pose here! 

How do you feel, Goddess?