Week 7: Crown

Good morning, Goddess!

Welcome to our last week together, my love!

We're expanding through our Crown today...

Grab your journal and pen as usual, find a comfortable place to sit, come to Child's Pose, and press play...

Our poses are, as always, listed and linked to below if you'd like to review them before we start --- otherwise press play on the audio below, and we'll Awaken our bodies, Souls and minds together today. :)

*Do this Practice every day this week, if possible.

  1. Wide-legged Child's Pose
  2. Slight standing back-bend
    (We do a modified version of this, but this may be helpful to review.)

It has been such an honor to bring this practice into your life, your heart, your Soul for the past 7 weeks...
I'd love to hear how you're feeling as we round into our last week together.