Week 3: Solar Plexus


Welcome to week 3, love!

Grab your journal and pen again, find a comfortable place to sit, and come to a knee-seated position on your mat
(sitting on your heels with your legs folded underneath you, shins on the floor).

Turn up your volume, and let's dive into Week 3, and let's explore our Solar Plexus today...

Our poses are listed and linked to below if you'd like to review them before we start --- otherwise press play on the audio below, and we'll Awaken our bodies, Souls and minds together today. :)

*Do this Practice every day this week, if possible.

  1. Wide-legged Child's Pose
  2. Cat-Cow
  3. Seated Twist
  4. Supported back bend
    *You'll need to have a small pillow or even a folded blanket, sweater or similar for this pose.

How do you feel, Goddess?