Goddess Army

You knew once,why you were here.

That you were made for Love, for Joy, for Magic.


Do You Remember?


Do you Remember that you are here for a beautiful reason?

That you're meant
for so much MORE.

That you're meant to feel Pleasure, joy and radiance in every part of your life...
That you're meant to have Love that feels aligned, fulfilling and sensual...
That you're meant to feel a deep alignment with your Soul, your Purpose, your path...

Do you Remember this deep, inherent Truth that sleeps within your cells, ready to Awaken?

you aren't meant for 'normal' and 'almost happy.'

you're meant for magic,
for pleasure, for ease,

for a mythic love + life.

I know most of us have a hard time believing that. It's certainly not something I believed.
I settled for "almost right" my entire life — thinking it was just a part of life to have struggle, to feel unfulfilled and disconnected, not having the things I desire.

Most of us have forgotten this birthright, because it has been conditioned out of us by a world that has ONLY valued Masculine Energy — push, drive, analyze, structure, control, do more, try more, work harder —

— a Paradigm that has not only not valued the Feminine Energy within all of us,
but has bred it out of us, and forced us to Forget.

And now it’s time.

It’s Time to Remember
exactly what you’re meant for.

…and Remember
that it gets to be Easy.


The Time Is Now


The veil has thinned.
And the Divine Feminine is rising.

This ancient, forgotten Archetype is ready to Awaken from our unconscious — and bring with Her the Remembrance of who you really are,
what you’re really capable of,
and what you’re really MEANT FOR.

It’s She who brings the Key to unlocking everything we’ve been craving; everything we desire…

Love, joy, connection, pleasure, magic,
Soul Purpose,
abundance, ease.

It all comes from the Divine Feminine.

And yet, for some reason, we as a planet have been burying her for centuries.

But it’s time now.

It's time for you to leave the crumbling paradigm of struggling, suffering,
shame and fear that has been handed to you —

—and keeping you from loving to your deepest capacity, from living your most beautiful life,
and receiving exactly what you're meant for.

Your Divine birthright is Feminine Power.

And it’s yours to Remember.


Remember that you're not meant to suffer,
not meant to struggle.
It’s not supposed to be this hard.

You’re a Goddess.
Please Remember.


An Ancient Power


Deep within you is a forgotten wisdom, an ancient Archetypal Knowing and ability to create EVERYTHING you desire,

everything that you've felt called to, but thought might not be possible for you...

Beautiful LOVE,
radiant JOY,

deep EASE and an
Abundance of PLEASURE
in your relationships,
in your business,
in your life.

And your access to that ancient Power is found by awakening
the buried Feminine Energy that lives within you.
By awakening your Inner Goddess.

She is the ancient part of you knows that you're not meant for struggle,
for suffering, for scarcity for being stuck.

And she’s the one who knows exactly how to call in those things you’ve been wishing for.


You're meant for no less than...

Mythic Love and a Mythic life.


Return To Love & Magic


I'm here to give you the teachings and the tools that have changed every single part of my life — and help you awaken this ancient Archetypal Power within you, too.

To Awaken the goddess within you.
And finally have the MORE you’re meant for.

If that sounds like a lot of work — it’s not.

The beautiful part of this is that we do that — not by fighting, struggling, pushing, and working harder —

— but by simply turning on the cellular and energetic Remembrance of who we already are.

This is already within you.

All you have to do is Choose to turn it on,
to tap back into it,

to become the Goddess you’re meant to be.


“This is the real deal.

Words can’t even come close to detailing how Heather and this work has helped propel me.

I believe in this work with every atom of my being.
Before Goddess Army, I was numbing and overworking; I wasn’t loving myself.
I had no idea what I was looking for in life.
Post-Goddess Army simply feels like love, pleasure, joy.
I am blossoming into my best self because of what I learned in Goddess Army.”