You knew once,
why you were here.

That you were made for Love. That you were made for Joy. For Magic.

Do you Remember?

Do you Remember that you are here for a beautiful reason?
That you're meant for so much MORE.

That you're meant to feel Pleasure in every part of your life...
That you're meant to have Love that feels aligned, fulfilling and uplifting...
That you're meant to feel a deep alignment with your Soul, your Purpose, your path...

Do you Remember this deep, inherent Truth?

you aren't meant for 'normal' and 'almost.'
you're meant for the MYTHIC.


I know most of us have a hard time believing that. It's certainly not something I believed.
I settled for "almost right" my entire life --- thinking it was just a part of life to have struggle, to feel unfulfilled and disconnected, not having the things I desire.

Most of us have forgotten this birthright, because it has been conditioned out of us by a world that has ONLY valued Masculine energy --- push, drive, analyze, structure, control --- 

--- a paradigm that has not only NOT valued the Feminine energy, but has rejected it, vilified it, and driven it into submission.


And now it's our time.

Time to Remember.
Time to Rise.
Time to return to our Grace, Power and Love.

The veil has thinned, the Divine Feminine is rising from her ancient, forgotten slumber, bringing with Her the Remembrance of all of our abilities, all of our wisdom, all of the Mystery --- 

--- and She brings the Key to unlocking the secrets of the Universe,
the Key to embodying all that we're meant for,
that she's been holding in Her hand for just a time such as this.

The time is now.

It's time for you to rise up out of the crumbling paradigm of struggling, suffering, shame and fear that has been keeping you from loving to your deepest capacity, living your fullest expression, and receiving what you're meant for.

We have been systematically cut off --- emotionally, physically, psychologically, intuitively, and culturally --- from our divine birthright of Feminine power. But it is rising within us again, as one by one, on a global scale, women are beginning to Remember. 

Remember that you're not meant to suffer, to struggle.
Remember that it is not supposed to be this hard...

Remember that within you, and within every woman, is a Goddess --- and each of us has the power to connect to a new pattern, a new archetype of the Feminine to become a living, breathing catalyst, channel, and vessel of Love.
And we have the power to do this for ourselves, for our lives, for our deepest desires, and even for the planet.

Deep within you is a forgotten wisdom, an ancient Archetypal knowing and ability to create everything you desire, all that you've felt called to --- but thought might not be possible for you...

--- beautiful LOVE, radiant JOY, deep EASE and an Abundance of PLEASURE
in your relationships, in your business, in your life --- 

and your access to that power is found in awakening your Feminine energy: your GODDESSNESS.

This ancient part of you knows that you're not meant to struggle.
She knows you're not meant to suffer.

That you're meant to LOVE, to feel Pleasure in every part of your life.

That you're meant for MORE,
and that it's meant to be so much easier.

That you're meant for
no less than
Mythic Love and a Mythic life.


The Dalai Lama said,
"the world will be saved by the Western woman."

And as we step back into the Remembrance of WHO WE ARE
--- this ancient Archetype of our true wisdom, our true Beingness, our true selves
--- we will be doing just that: healing the world.

I'm here to help you awaken that ancient Archetypal power.
To Awaken the goddess within you.
And reclaim the Grace, Power and Freedom that are meant to be yours.

The beautiful part is that we do that --- not by fighting, struggling, pushing, and working harder --- but by simply unleashing and embodying our this forgotten, buried presence: 
By embodying our Goddess, and creating and LIVING our lives full of Love, Joy and Ease.

And as we come together, join together in a circle of powerful women, and begin to unleash our Goddessness together, as we form deep bonds, as we create the safety of sisterhood, as we create magic --- we will ease into the power that has been lying dormant within us for centuries, and we will raise our collective vibration to the level of miracle-making.

Because when one woman rises up, begins to stand in her power, her joy and her abundance, in LOVE --- she raises those around her; the collective; her sisters, her peers, even her man...

...Imagine when a Tribe of us step into our Goddessness TOGETHER. 


A 9-month intimate + immersive + transformational group coaching program to re-birth yourself as the Goddess you're meant to be --- and arm you with the Key to unlock the Mystery for yourself.

If you’re even a tiny bit interested, join!
Heather will rock your world and guide you back to your Knowing in the most beautiful way!
— Julia
You have completely given me the most amazing life by your true example of living in the feminine!!!
Because of you, I am in the happiest relationship of my life, and I am literally walking through a door to a new life, one of ease, flow and total spirit.
— Darlene
Learning how it FEELS to sit in my feminine power is a priceless gift.
I have found a strength in the deepest parts of me.
My connections with others are deepening and strengthening beyond measure..
I am the tide, the soft glow of the moon, all shades of the seasons.

I am now finding the She I was meant to be, and it is beautiful.
— Kate

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Why did I call it 'Goddess Army'?

Because as a woman --- no matter who you are, what you've been through --- you have access to a dormant Goddess within you. And it is in Her that your magic, your power, your deep access to Love and joy are found. 

And because "Army" doesn't only mean the militant, aggressive side of its definition --- it is also defined simply as,
"a large number of people gathered or organized for a particular purpose."

And our purpose --- the gathering of women who step into this journey --- is Returning us all to LOVE.
It's Remembering how to have Love, Magic, balance and harmony in our lives, in our relationships, in our bodies --- and in the world.

It's reclaiming our right to live in Joy, ease and Pleasure. 
It's Remembering that we are a Magical part of this Universe --- and Remembering our superpowers. 
It's coming Home to who we are, what we're meant for, and the Love we're meant to embody.

That's our purpose.
And that's how we're reclaiming the word "Army" for the purpose of Love.


It's my mission to deliver this Goddess Army program to you
to help you unlock the Mystery for yourself.

To make massive shift in the energy of your life, your relationships, and in the world --- moving us all,
as a Collective, away from fear, emptiness and division, and bringing us back to balance, to ease, to joy, and, after so many thousands of years... return us to Love.

To re-pattern your reality in the Archetypal realm, up-leveling the energetic patterns that you've been living within --- to enter the archetypal path of Goddess, so that we can leave behind these repetitive cycles of suffering and struggle, and re-claim our Feminine powers of creating what we deeply desire.


And we'll do just that --- you and me, and this beautiful, connected, intimate Tribe of women.

Together, in this deeply immersive and transformational 9-month group coaching program --- we will awaken Her.

Yes, love -- 9 delicious, Goddess-embodying months.

Because we're re-birthing ourselves as Goddesses.

Because it's time for you to REMEMBER this ancient, powerful, buried part of you that has been missing --- it's time for you to remember the radiant force you're meant to be. 

It's time for you to finally have this "More" you've been feeling called to your whole life.

It's been calling to you for a reason...
Causing you to feel like something's missing;
or maybe like you haven't quite found where you belong;
feeling like things aren't quite right;
or like it's "almost, but not quite" what fulfills you.

It's because you are of this lineage of women who are waking up, Remembering your Purpose and your abilities; what you're meant for, how you're meant to feel.

If you're reading this, you're ready --- the Divine Feminine is tapping you on the shoulder...

And She's asking for you to Remember --- please, Remember --- that you aren't meant for settling like all those around you... 

That you are meant for something much more... something Mythic and full of Mystery and magic. 

You are meant to be a Channel for Love,
for Light, for energy and power;

You are meant to embody
your full Goddess birthright.


I’ve been trying for a long time — and I just didn’t understand.
In my love life, in my career, everything...
But it’s like... I KNOW now.
It’s like I’d been walking in a dark room, and someone just turned the light on.
— Flavia

Why did I create this program?

Because everything -- absolutely everything you want
-- comes from Love.

And we'll never get to Love through the Masculine energy we've all been operating in. 
The Wounded Masculine paradigm that's been governing this world for thousands of years has us operating from a place of division, judgment, linear-thinking, scarcity and Fear --- and it's literally been damaging every single aspect of Love and relationship in our lives:

It's why our marriages fail,
it's why our work feels uninspired and unfulfilling,
it's why we struggle to make money, get clients, speak our truths and find our way,
it's why we find it hard to Love ourselves.

Love comes ONLY through the Feminine energy.

Because you're being called.

Because it's time for us all to RISE, and to have the love, the lives, the expansion we are meant to have.
And it's time for us to heal this planet.

Don't you feel that? 
Can't you feel that whispering voice, that sensation thrumming inside of you, telling you you're meant for MORE? 
That feeling telling you SOMETHING has got to change on this planet?

Because you're part of a powerful lineage.

You're meant to grab onto this same Cosmic thread in the loom of Creation that I've grabbed onto --- to shed the muck and mud that has been piled upon you, centuries of it, and SHINE your Light again.

You're meant to Reclaim your power as a Priestess, a Cosmic Shaman, a healer, a light-worker, a teacher, a guide, or even just a radiant source of Light that's meant to touch the world and those around you.

You're meant to be a way-shower, standing in the crest of the wave, leading by example as we shift out of the Fear, out of the struggle, and out of the STUCK; as we start creating Beauty, Love and limitless access to Joy.

Because this work is truly the game-changer.

Let me be clear --- this work isn't "mine." I've simply agreed to be a vessel, a Channel for this work, for this healing, for this Return to Love, Magic and our Mythic nature.  

And in truth, I've seen how powerfully this work changes the lives of my private coaching clients ---- and I've been guided to assist MASSIVE change on this planet by sharing this work with as many women as I can.

To activate the Collective in our Remembrance --- because we will perish from this planet if we don't.

To rebirth the sensual, powerful, magical Divine Feminine in our bodies, in our lives, in our relationships, in our service to others --- and join in sacred union with the beautiful energy Divine Masculine.

And because there's nothing else quite like this out there
--- and it's time for more women to have it.


This is the exact work I've done to help me have the life and the love that (FINALLY) feels authentically ME.
That finally feels fulfilling, that finally feels aligned, that finally feels juicy, and inspiring, and full of Love.

That FINALLY no longer feels like struggle, like being lost, like missing a part of myself;
that no longer feels like disconnection, going through the motions, or being at the mercy of FEAR.

I'm giving you virtually everything that I do; everything that I continue to learn.

This program will allow you to:

  • Understand how much we've ALL been Over-Masculinized in this world, and how diving back into your Feminine energy not only unlocks the pathway to EVERYTHING you desire in life --- but it also feels like COMING HOME.
  • Learn how to quiet those voices that tell you "you can't," "you're not good enough," "you're not lovable," "you're going to screw up (or you have already)," "people will judge you," etc. -- and harness the power to co-create with the universe so you can create the Love, life and relationship you WANT.
  • Learn how to step into your Goddess power, FALL IN LOVE with every part of yourself, and receive the miracles and the magic that the Universe has in store for you. (You feel that deep in your bones, don't you? It's REAL, and it's there for you.)
  • Learn how boundaries aren't MEANT to be on the outside as walls, armor and shutting-down --- because not only does it feel awful, it keeps the things we WANT from being able to reach us. Boundaries are meant to be on the inside, they're meant to feel supportive rather than restrictive, and you'll learn how to shift them there --- and feel powerful doing it.
  • Learn how to FLOW through life with ease, joy and abundance --- in co-creative harmony with the Universe, because we're not meant to struggle, to fight, to bang our heads against the wall constantly.
  • Learn how to open to the beauty of what wants to reach you --- and how to trust yourself every step of the way by tapping into your intuition, and into the perfection of your place in the cosmic tapestry.


And the beauty of this work is that --- while it takes your commitment, it takes your investment in yourself
to carve out the space that's BIGGER and GREATER than where you are now so you can let in what you want to create... isn't hard. 

This work feels GOOD. 

It feels amazing to dive into it, to let it carry us, to let it melt away what's keeping us stuck and work its alchemical magic.


This is what's happened for the women
in just one, single wave of Goddess Army.

Two women started deep, supportive, loving relationships with men who are present, nurturing, intuitive -- and very much in their Masculine energy.

Three women deepened and healed their long-time relationships and marriages --- one of which was on the brink of ending.

Two women took their businesses and money-relationship from a place of struggle and confusion, into a space of ease, effortlessness, masterful manifestation and fullness.

Three others found their voice, their roar, their passion and their purpose --- and are taking courageous steps in the direction of their mission here.

One began loving herself deeply enough to open to Love, and the courage and worthiness to give herself the trip of a lifetime to explore her beingness, her lightness, and her core self.

Another healed painfully deep lifetime-wounds --- and even ancestral wounds --- that were playing out in her family, her marriage, her relationships with her children and her friends.

All of these women have found a sense of ease that had never been present in their lives, in their bodies, in their Souls until now.


And it's changed EVERYTHING about my own life,
in ways I never even imagined.

Since learning these same principles and practices I'm going to teach you, the other Goddesses who have taken this course have...

  • Shed the fear of not being enough; of being seen; of being 'weird'; of not being understood --- and found my voice. I've begun speaking my truth in all parts of my life, in my relationship, and I've begun calling in what is meant for me; 
  • Discovered that the very things I was most afraid of sharing, showing and shining --- are actually my superpowers, and the more that I shine them, the more magic comes into my life, the more my guy falls in love with me, and the more I am capable to opening to my gifts;
  • Uncovered my authentic core; who I am at my deepest, truest center, and I've totally fallen in love with her...
    I've learned why this is actually imperative that we discover this about ourselves, why we are asked to express her, and how it is actually how we attract what's meant for us;
  • Left Soul-sucking and toxic Corporate America jobs and stepped into my path, my calling; 
  • Created a deeply-aligned, soul-filling and successful Coaching + Photography business helping women to have what I've discovered for myself: a deep access to all 4 elements of Love in their lives through awakening their inner Goddess;
  • Cultivated and continue to receive the most delicious abundance of joy, money, love, and support from the Universe;
  • Started a deep --- and ever-deepening --- conversation and connection with my intuition, my Soul, with the magic of the Universe, and have learned profound trust in myself and my path;
  • Recovered powerfully from relationship after damaging, disappointing, or heart-breaking relationship;
  • Found a more supportive, fulfilling, and open relationship with my man than we've ever had, and he shows up for me more and more as I deepen into this work;
  • Fallen in love --- wholly and genuinely --- with my life, with my self, with the Universe, with my relationship --- with EVERYTHING.


And all of this is totally possible for you.

This is not just a program — it is so much more than that.
It is an Opening to YOU, to your Feminine power, and your deepest Desire.
It has been such a huge blessing in my life.
— Michele

Here's how we're going to dive in, beauty...

Arm in arm with each other, over the course of 36 weeks (about 9 months) --- we will be birthing our Goddessness, together, with alternating weeks of juicy goodness. 

On session weeks, we'll have a group call with lessons and content, giving you the tools, philosophies and practices to unleash, uncover and radiate your dormant Goddess ----
And on Implementation weeks, you'll be putting those tools, philosophies and practices to work for you, in your lives, with worksheets, workbooks, journals, audio, videos, and other supporting content, and intimate support in a private Facebook group.

I heard you say that weekly felt like too much, that monthly didn't feel deep enough, and that bi-weekly would feel better, more "in flow," more Goddessy --- and I completely agree.

The program pacing has been BUILT to intentionally model the Goddessy quality of FLOW. 
The alternating implementation and content weeks balance out robust teachings with light-filled spaciousness so you can feel ease, feel movement, and feel GOOD in your deep transformation.

And this length of time lets me get in the water with you --- I'll be there with you every step of the way. 

I am rising into my Goddessness every bit as much as you are, and I will be right alongside you at every turn ---- from here, forward, in the next 9 months, you will never be alone in this process, in this growth, in this simultaneous deepening and rising. 

We're going to find Love, make magic,
and reclaim that part of you that's been missing.


With bi-weekly calls, here's what our time together in Goddess Army: the Deep Dive will look like:

Module 1:
The Goddess Key

  • Learn how everything we desire (all forms of Love) is accessible through the Feminine;
  • Understand the power of symbols and activate the first Key;
  • Gain clarity on your desires and vision for your Mythic life, love, self and path;
  • Raise your vibration to the level of your desires, and what you want to manifest;

Module 2:
Understanding the Energies

  • Understand the Masculine and Feminine energies, how they work together, and how they can work against us when they're not in balance.
  • Feminine invocation.
  • Remembrance of the POWER of the Feminine (rather than the "weakness" we've often been taught it means)

Module 3:
Releasing the Past

  • Learn how to release the past
    --- our stuckness, blame, anger, and other emotions, patterns and stories that keep us tethered to the past and unable to move forward.
  • Explore how to move out of the crumbling Wounded Masculine Paradigm, leaving the past where it is.

Module 4:
Getting Unstuck + Claiming Your Future

  • Tools for moving through fear, the what-ifs, and other patterns, limiting beliefs and voices that keep us small;
  • Understanding our Fear Voices.
  • Getting unstuck from the present and moving into our futures with grace and power;

Module 5:
Entering the Realm of the
Inner Goddess

  • How to begin embodying the energy of Goddess;
  • Learn the history of the Feminine Wounding;
  • Intro to the facets and Tenets of the Feminine;
  • Begin to open our body channels to bring in our Feminine power.

Module 6:
Embodying the Goddess of
Beauty + Sensuality

  • Learn how Beauty is found in our true core, authentic self, Soul Seed;
  • Understanding the Soul Seed, and feeling into what it means for you;
  • Learn how the Wounded Masculine energy keeps us in comparison, judgment and feeling less-than;
  • Remembering our Sensuality and sexual energy -- and removing the Shame wound.

Module 7:
Embodying the Goddess of Strength + Softness

  • Uncovering the true source of our strength;
  • Stopping the exhausting pattern of pursuit and avoidance we're stuck in;
  • Remembering our access to Ecstasy and Flow;
  • Removing the charge from our emotions so that we can find the power in them.

Module 8:
Embodying the Goddess of
Voice + Truth

  • Remembering that we are a conduit, a channel for Love and magic;
  • How to access the information we're meant to receive;
  • Learn how to speak the Goddess Language -- one of the most powerful tools of transformation at our disposal.

Module 9:
Embodying the Goddess of Openness + Allowance

  • Opening to the Unknown with grace and power, not fear;
  • How our built-in pattern of Separation keeps us from Love, and how to change the pattern;
  • Understanding that our Boundaries aren't meant to be on the outside, and how to shift them inside.
  • Understanding how we stop the flow of Love and abundance from flowing to us, and how to fix the flow.

Module 10:
Embodying the Goddess of
Power + Wisdom

  • Tapping into our deepest well of Wisdom, and the core of our Power;
  • Understanding why we're here;
  • Owning our own Sovereignty, and finding our Superpowers;
  • Removing our triggers.

Module 11:
Embodying the Goddess of Intuition + Knowing

  • Understanding the relationship of Head vs. Heart vs. Body -- and which to actually listen to;
  • Connecting with and meeting our Souls;
  • Becoming the divine channelers of information we're meant to be.

Module 12:
Embodying the Goddess of Greatness + Expansion

  • How living in the Wounded Masculine makes us stay small;
  • Understanding Frequency Modulation;
  • Choosing Expansion over Contraction;
  • How perfection and protection keep us from living our greatness.

Module 13:
Embodying the Goddess of LOVE

  • What we need to understand so that we can both be Loved, and BE LOVE;
  • The truth about Unconditional Love;
  • Understanding our Threshold of Intimacy, and how it keeps us from having what we want most;
  • Unleashing your ability to truly Receive Love.

Module 14:
Embodying the Goddess of
Ease + Flow

  • Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional -- why pain isn't bad, and how we can not suffer through it;
  • Bringing together everything we've learned to find our greatest Ease and Flow;
  • Understanding resentment, judgment and over-doing, and how they keep us in suffering and struggle.

Module 15:
Embodying the Goddess of
Co-Creation + Alchemy

  • The Goddess version of Law of Attraction;
  • Understanding how the Universe speaks, how it likes to show up for us, and what it's looking for in Co-Creating with us;
  • Taking the Universe as a Lover.

Module 16:
Embodying the Goddess of
the Invisible Realms

  • Everything comes together here --- deepening into the spiritual to support our material worlds;
  • Discovering how to dance with the energies of the Universe and of our Soul in service of what we want to Co-Create;
  • Learning the power of our Dreams and how to hear the language of the Universe.

Module 17:
Future Self + Completion Ceremony

  • Stepping into the next phase of your journey with grace, power, and all the gifts of each Goddess facet.

Module 18:
Open call: Q&A

  • A deepening in together for next steps, finishing strong, and additional personal support.

I'm always updating the Deep Dive journey with my latest teachings and practices,
so these modules may shift and evolve from what's shown here.

Thank you for helping me find a fabulously delicious life!
— Christina

There are 3 ways to experience Goddess Army

Choose the experience and level of support that feels best for you...


The Divine Feminine has made it clear that this work needs to be made ACCESSIBLE to as many women as possible, so that we can get this into the hands of every woman and begin to truly rise into our Mythic existence
---  so I've made it affordable.

And I've made it possible to have exactly the experience that would feel best to YOU. Feel into which of these 3 options feels the most aligned for you...

1. Goddess Army: Self-Study

2. Goddess Army: Collective

3. Goddess Army: the Deep Dive



The Goddess Army: Self-Study program is a digital-only version of Goddess Army, giving you the experience of all of the content I have taken women through since the very first Goddess Army --- with none of the scheduling.

This is for women who want to experience Goddess Army with total freedom. While the Modules will still be delivered to your inbox every other week, you have the freedom to immerse yourself in them entirely on your own terms, as you feel called, and as much as you feel called.

It includes:

  • A new Goddess Army audio Module delivered to your inbox every other week.
  • Audio exercises, visualizations, meditations to help you embody what you're learning.
  • Journal prompts to help you deepen into the experience and the new Goddess paradigm.

The Self-Study version of Goddess Army is a simple, one-time payment of $1000

--- or dive in for an easy $111 for the first month, to try it out,
and then 4 monthly payments of $255.

You may cancel any time in the first 30 days and your card won't be charged the 4 remaining payments.
Goddess Army Offerings_Collective.jpg

The Goddess Army Collective is everything you get in the Self-Study program, plus a monthly group Q&A call to give you personal support and practical application to your specific life, love and journey.

This is for women who like the flexibility of the Self-Study course, but still want some personal attention. The program begins as soon as you join, any time of year, and you are free to explore in your own timing, with the schedule that works best for you --- while still getting the deepened support, connection and accountability of a monthly call with me.

It includes:

  • A new Goddess Army audio Module delivered to your inbox every other week.
  • Audio exercises, visualizations, meditations to help you embody what you're learning.
  • Journal prompts to help you deepen into the experience and the new Goddess paradigm.
  • Monthly group Q&A call with me to ask questions, get support, clarity, encouragement and Love.
  • Recorded Q&A calls emailed to you after our calls so that you can re-listen, or deepen in with the questions.
  • One private call with me to deepen into your journey after your sixth month.

The Collective is a subscription of $222 per month.


The full Goddess Army experience --- the Deep Dive --- is the exclusive, incredibly deep, alchemical and life-changing 9-MONTH Goddess Army group program available to just 20 women per year.

This is for women who want to receive the Key to their Mythic Love and Mythic life, and re-birth themselves as the Goddess they're meant to be. Women who want the deepest alchemical transformation and the most powerful access to me; who want the fullest embodiment of their Inner Goddess; who want sisterhood; and who are ready to completely leave behind the struggle and suffering of the Wounded-Masculine paradigm. 

Offered twice a year, starting in May and October, this program evolves as *I* evolve --- in other words, as I learn new modalities and download new information, you get to learn it, too. This Full Experience includes:

  • Live group coaching calls every other week (and I often add check-in calls just to connect with you even more).
  • Recorded calls and workbooks uploaded after every live call to go even deeper with the material.
  • A private Facebook group where you get unlimited support, encouragement, spot-coaching and sisterhood and community with the other Goddesses. 
  • Bonus content every other week -- additional content delivered to you on our in-between weeks, optional ways to deepen into your journey with audio exercises, videos, workbooks and access to teleclasses.
  • The Goddess Army t-shirt.
  • A free gift delivered to your home (see the gifts below).
  • An ever evolving program of content --- you get the latest, most powerful teachings I have. As I receive more knowledge and information, you reap the benefit of it, as well.
  • Access to 1:1 coaching sessions, as needed, at a rate only available to Goddess Army members.  

This Full Experience is $4000 or $488 per month.
Get on the list below and reserve your space for the next journey --- only 12 seats available in each journey...


Most programs of this depth and transformative power are half the length or twice the investment --- I'm very clear on my mission here: to get this work, this power, into the hands of as many women as possible on this planet.

If you're ready, your Mythic Love and Life are not only possible --- they're waiting...




Who Goddess Army is for


  • You have a deep knowing, in your bones, in your cells, that you're meant for MORE --- and you feel in the dark, and unsure how to reach what's meant for you.
  • You feel like you've lost a part of yourself --- like there's a beautiful, authentic part of you that's missing, that you've lost touch with, and you're not sure how to get Her back.
  • You feel stuck. You feel like something's missing. And you're not willing to settle for this...
  • You feel like you're spinning in circles, have 1,800 ideas and what-ifs and maybes, and aren't sure which way to go to find your best life, your greatest joy.
  • You wonder if you're broken somehow, if you've missed what was meant for you, or if what you want is even possible to be had.
  • You're almost afraid to feel the good stuff, to rejoice in it, because what if it jinxes it? 
  • You feel a desire to be seen for all that you are; to be held in your greatness and your struggle.
  • You feel a calling to be part of a rich sisterhood with like-minded, open-hearted, deep-souled women.
  • You're fucking SICK of feeling this way --- and you want to know, once and for all, how to get out of this space and into your JOY. It's a simple truth that it is only when you're uncomfortable enough that you'll move away from where you are.

You want to be shown how to reconnect
to your radiance, your truest self,
and your power and your capacity to love.

  • You're willing to suspend your belief in the outdated structures, rules and constructs that have kept you where you are; that are no longer serving you.
  • You're ready to try another 'door' into what you want --- another way, something new; because the things you've been trying haven't been working. 
  • You recognize that those voices that are afraid of diving into this space --- the ones that fear being seen, fear opening up, fear committing the time or money, fear committing yourSELF --- are just the voices that want you to stay small... And you're TOTALLY done listening to those voices. You're over letting them block you from what's YOURS.

You're ready for magic --- to discover your own magic,
and connect to the magic of the Universe.

If you're not quite sure if it's for you, or if you want to ask me some questions about it first --- let's connect.

Just click below to apply, and we'll set up time to feel into this together.

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How it feels to dive in here...

This work and Heather are amazing.
It’s so beautiful to become “your own lover,” to grow your Feminine energy.
I’m leaving this work in a state of Love that feels like it radiates through me.
— Jamie
“I was struggling. In my life. In my business. In my relationship.
Things weren’t wrong, but they didn’t feel right.
Four months into Goddess Army, and my relationship and business has completely turned around.
I have learned to lean back and allow my boyfriend to show up for me in his Masculine Energy. And I’ve learned to lean back in my business, allowing more possibility (and clients) to come into my practice.

Things finally feel light + fun again. The energy has completely shifted. My boyfriend and I are falling in love all over again. And I no longer feel like I’m fighting with my business —- I don’t have to go find clients; they’ve been making their way to me; my coaching practice is just about full and it’s been with ease and completely aligned.

I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on. But I can tell you that there’s been such a deep, personal transformation that has shifted every area of my life.
— Shannon Whaley | Life+Marketing Coach |
I just want to say if you are considering joining Goddess Army you will be beyond BLOWN AWAY! Heather gives it her all with amazing exercises and prompts, and truly seeing and hearing you, as we gently and lovingly grow into the Divine Feminine Goddess we are!
I am in constant awe of this work and the way I am feeling...
I am so flippin’ inspired by this way of living my life!
— Michele
Do whatever you have to do to work with Heather. Seriously. She’ll change your life.
I have never felt so at ease with knowing, with how I feel. It feels so freeing to have the access and language to share myself and my feelings.
I can’t even imagine what doors it will continue to open from here! And I 100% know this is how I’m going to meet my future husband!
And I did this in weeks. WEEKS. It just feels EASY now.
— Julia Wells | Aligned Hustle Business Coach |
I’m so beyond glad I took the leap into Goddess Army.
It feels amazing to receive the support and incredible wisdom that Heather embodies, as well as from the other inspiring Goddesses in our group.
There is so much deep transformation going on — I have no doubt we are all birthing something magical!
— Lauren
Omgoddess, this is an amazing program.

I feel totally supported by Heather and the other goddesses, and I’m making tremendous shifts around who I am being in my biz, relationships and how I show up in the world.
Understanding feminine and masculine energies, how to use them consciously and how to integrate them is making my life goal of living in ease and flow a reality.
I feel like I am returning to myself. I feel centered and calm now that I am embracing my Feminine
— it was so exhausting spending so much time in the Masculine.
And I’ve finally opened to receive the Love I’ve been wanting — and doubted existed. But it’s real. And it blows me away more and more every day.
Thank you, Heather!!!
— Darlene
This has been so “in-powering” and heart opening!
I feel so much more deeply reconnected to my Self, more connected in my relationship, and I feel so much more capable of continuing on my path with deeper intention.
I’m finding my voice, my connection to my Soul, and my purpose.
I’m also finally creating the business of my dreams — and just signed my first $3000 client.
It just feels like it’s all coming so much more easily...
— Kate
I love you for committing yourself to this work. We need you. And the world needs us.
I literally tell everyone about you and the impact this work has had in my life. I know I still have so much to do and work to go, but my life is so much more full and juicy because of it.
— Jennifer
I had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and just feeling like I needed SOMETHING else in my life...
This was such an amazing experience —- it was exactly what I needed to get intimate with myself, get to that beautiful place in my body, and know that I can put myself first.
— Linda
I was turning 40 and felt the need to really focus on my self and on seeing and finding my own beauty.
I LOVED feeling part of a beautiful group of Goddessess — I left with tools and practices to navigate my love and life.
It was a truly magical and healing experience.
— Trisha
This undid the bindings I’d wrapped around myself to protect myself —- but that had actually become my own straightjacket.
This work has helped me unveil my true power and beauty, to allow GODDESS EMANCIPATION, and finally feel free.
I have dreamed of having you in my life and I don’t even have words for how much I love you and am thankful for you!
— Jeni
“Heather, THANK YOU!
I feel physically lighter and mentally more sound. I feel like there was a traffic jam in my head, my heart, my body. No more.
I actually love myself. I never thought I’d say that, but I do. I freaking love myself. And I’m moving forward with ideas, dreams and challenges that I’ve felt stagnant in. I’m having so much fun.”
— Tosha