The Goddess Army Self-Study version is simply a digital-only version of Goddess Army with Heather Allison --- the rebirthing of yourself as the Goddess you are meant to be --- all on your own schedule.

This is for women who want to experience the total transformation into Mythic Love and Mythic life through Goddess Army with total freedom. In this journey, you'll receive content delivered to your inbox every other week, and you have the freedom to immerse yourself in them entirely on your own terms, as you feel called, and as much as you feel called.

With audio modules, deep content and transmissions, guided visualizations and visceral exercises, and journaling prompts to deepen into ---

Your journey includes:

  • A new Goddess Army audio Module delivered to your inbox every other week with rich content, transmissions and paradigm shifts.
  • Audio exercises, visualizations, meditations and practices to allow visceral embodiment of what you're learning.
  • Journal prompts to help you deepen into the experience and your new Goddess paradigm.
  • Private Facebook group to connect with other women on the journey.
  • Access to the VIP Goddess Army 1:1 time with Heather at a reduced rate.


Choose the payment option, and journey length, that feels best for you below...

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Goddess ArmY: collective

The Goddess Army Collective is everything you get in the Self-Study program, PLUS a monthly group Q&A call with Heather to give you personal support and practical application to your specific life, love and journey.

This is for women who like the flexibility of the Self-Study course, but still want some personal attention. The program begins as soon as you join, any time of year, and you are free to explore in your own timing, with the schedule that works best for you --- while still getting the deepened support, connection and accountability of a monthly call with Heather.

It includes:

  • A new Goddess Army audio Module delivered to your inbox every other week.
  • Audio exercises, visualizations, meditations to help you embody what you're learning.
  • Journal prompts to help you deepen into the experience and the new Goddess paradigm.
  • Monthly group Q&A call with Heather to ask questions, get support, clarity, encouragement and Love.
  • Recorded Q&A calls emailed to you in case you can't make a call, or want to re-listen, and want to deepen in with the questions.
  • One private call with Heather to deepen into your journey after your sixth month.

The Collective is a subscription of $222 per month.

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Goddess Army: The full experience

The full Goddess Army experience is the exclusive, incredibly deep, alchemical and life-changing 9-MONTH Goddess Army group program available to just 24 women per year.

This is for women who want to receive the Key to their Mythic Love and Mythic life, and re-birth themselves as the Goddess they're meant to be. Women who want the deepest alchemical transformation and the most powerful access to me; who want the fullest embodiment of their Inner Goddess; who want sisterhood; and who are ready to completely leave behind the struggle and suffering of the Wounded-Masculine paradigm. 

Offered twice a year, starting in May and October, this program evolves as Heather's studies and Channel evolve --- in other words, as she learn new modalities and downloads new information, you get to learn it, too. This Full Experience includes:

  • Live group coaching calls every other week (and she sometimes adds support calls just to connect with you even more).
  • Recorded calls and workbooks uploaded after every live call to go even deeper with the material.
  • A private Facebook group where you get unlimited support from Heather every week, encouragement, spot-coaching and sisterhood and community with the other Goddesses. 
  • Bonus content every other week -- additional content delivered to you on our in-between weeks, optional ways to deepen into your journey with audio exercises, videos, workbooks and access to teleclasses.
  • The Goddess Army t-shirt.
  • A free gift delivered to your home.
  • An ever evolving program of content --- you get the latest, most powerful teachings I have. As Heather receives more knowledge and information, you reap the benefit of it, as well.
  • Access to 1:1 coaching sessions, as needed, at a rate only available to Goddess Army members.  

This Full Experience is $4000 or $488 per month.
You can join at any time, reserving your space for the next journey at CURRENT rates...