What people are saying about
'Unlock your goddess code'


"[Since I uncovered my Goddess Code], I have seen my work literally morph in front of me.

Even starting to dive into the process made me aware of the things I want in life and in my work, but most importantly, it let me believe that I could go after those things."


"Omg Heather... I just did your meditation on the Goddess Code --- it is all coming together... There's so much coming through! OMGoddess."

"Finally, I stopped fighting myself..."

"When my partner, Gen, and I sat down with this process, we didn't know what to anticipate. We had discussed a "branding exercise", but, as someone with a background in marketing, this technique was a sharp departure from any branding exercise I had done before. Heather managed to coax three words out of us that underscored the intention of our project with such precision, the words actually felt as though they were an extension of ME.

This process helped channel the intention of my work so that I have been provided a basis, a scope with which to sculpt the future of my project. The importance of this work has been paramount to my creative process, and I recommend her to anyone who is hoping to gain creative, personal, or emotional clarity for themselves."

"Holy shit -- these words are like my fucking SOUL!!!"

"I am so excited after going through 'Unlock Your Goddess Code' because I have finally found some clarity around what I want to offer the world, what my gifts, strengths, and soul yearnings are.

They’ve been swimming around in me, but I needed that extra organization offered in Goddess Code to really help me get clear."

"SO incredibly insightful and encouraging! Goddess Code opened my eyes and I realized how much untapped potential both my business and myself had been missing by trying to constrain myself to a path defined by my preconceptions of the direction I thought I had to go in.
Through this process, I was able to examine what made me truly happy and recognize that I had turned off my feelings when it came to my business. 
The format of information is understandable and workable. I am invigorated and inspired - have no doubt the tools I uncovered in Goddess Code will help 100% along my journey - and help me have fun while doing so!"  

"Uncovering my Goddess Code reminded me just how important being true to myself is; how much better about myself I feel when I stick to my "core elements." I believe seeing all of this in writing has already helped me deal with a difficult situation in my life -- I may walk away because I know now how out of sync I am with their values."

"If you're feeling stuck, spirit-wilted, or small... this is for you.
If you're feeling frustrated or anxious
to do something more meaningful with your career,
but aren't sure where to start... this is for you.
If you're unsure what the future holds,
but know you need to take a hold of it... this is for you."
- Kate anderson


"I have been working through the Goddess Code book and realizing how much creativity means to me and is important to who I am. I want more of that in my daily life and eventually more of it in my work. I am committing more to creating that in my life."